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a group of people in recovery receive peer support in group counseling for addiction treatment

How Group Counseling can Help Recovery

For a successful recovery from addiction, an individual needs empathy and ongoing peer support. Many people struggling with a substance use disorder have unresolved trauma or co-occurring mental health issues that make it difficult for them to heal. However, addiction therapy and group counseling provide clients with a safe and supportive healing space. If you or a loved one is battling an addiction, reach out to Lighthouse Recovery’s group therapy program in Boynton Beach, Florida for effective and holistic support.

In group counseling, patients of all ages and backgrounds gather together to discuss their darkest moments and offer mutual support and solidarity. Often these sessions are moderated or led by an experienced therapist who encourages the clients to be open about their struggles, give feedback and develop bonds of trust and friendship.

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How Group Counseling Can Help Recovery

Addiction might leave a person feeling alone and estranged from their loved ones. Thus, at a time when they need love, compassion, and support the most, they may feel like they have no one to rely on. Alienated from the community, the individual may find it difficult to seek help and rebuild their life.

Group counseling and peer support thus play an invaluable role in the client’s wellness journey. Some of the unique benefits of group counseling include:

Develop Interpersonal Skills

Group counseling teaches clients how to communicate their needs effectively and wants to other people. The patients learn to set better boundaries, express their thoughts and feelings lucidly and become empathetic listeners in their own right.

Later, they can use these strategies to repair estranged relationships and reconnect with family members.

Make New Friends

It isn’t uncommon for those in addiction therapy to feel that no one can understand their inner struggle. In fact, the other family members or friends who have never been to rehab may not grasp the full extent of a patient’s inner turmoil.

However, in a group counseling session, one encounters several like-minded peers in similar stages of recovery. They can support each other and even become lifelong friends who have each other’s backs even after formally completing treatment.

Address Past Trauma

A person struggling with addiction may also be suffering from mental health disorders like depression or anxiety or have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

They may have to delve into repressed or uncomfortable memories to find closure and self-growth. Group counseling offers a safe and welcoming space for patients to discuss sensitive issues that they may not be able to talk about with anyone else.

Receive and Give Feedback

Peer support is an active give-and-take relationship. In group counseling, patients not only share their personal problems and receive support and understanding, but they are also taught to be more empathetic. They become active listeners and problem-solvers, helping their peers with different issues.

Thus, they learn to respectfully accept help from strangers, as well as how to give back to the world.

Find Help and Peer Support at Lighthouse Recovery

At Lighthouse Recovery’s treatment facility in Florida, we ensure every client receives the highest levels of medical attention, therapeutic support, and emotional aid at every step of the recovery path. We offer personalized 90-day treatment programs with a strong focus on aftercare, group counseling, and peer support.

Instead of simply treating the physical symptoms of addiction, we empower our clients to become independent and resilient, providing them with the skills and support to build a happier future.

Get speedy help and support for addiction by calling us at 866.308.2090 today.

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