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Why are there So Many Treatment Centers in Florida?

The Reason Behind the Many Treatment Centers in Florida

Florida and mainly South Florida is known as the drug and alcohol recovery capital of the world. There are more treatment centers in Florida than anywhere else in the U.S. Because of this, the industry down here is huge. There are countless sober living homes, 12-step meetings, and other sober activities.

Come to One of Florida’s Treatment Centers and Maybe Start a New Life

Many people come for rehab and end up staying to work on their sobriety and potentially even start a whole new life. The great thing about Florida for recovery is that there are plenty of treatment options for long-term care and working on sobriety.

When first leaving rehab, it can be a very volatile time with a high chance of relapse. If you can dedicate even a few hours per week to your sobriety, you will have a much higher chance of staying sober. This could mean attending an outpatient program or a combination of therapy and meetings.

The best thing to do is to determine what works for you and work it! Sober living options in Florida give people in recovery the opportunity to be in a supported environment where they must be accountable. This can make all the difference for a person new to sobriety.

Why is Florida so Popular for Rehab? 

A big part of why Florida is popular for rehab is location. The sunshine state offers a warm, tropical climate, lots of sunny skies, the ocean, palm trees, and a sea breeze. Many people spend addiction in the dark, and Florida is just the opposite.

It’s a well-known fact that people in the North East and other, colder parts of the country suffer from seasonal depression when winter hits. In Florida, addicts don’t need to worry about cold, dark weather because they are always surrounded by sunshine, the smell of the sea and sand, and generally good and positive weather.

Another factor for there being so many Florida drug and alcohol rehabs is that people like to get away from home while in treatment. This way the temptation and triggers are fewer and further between. The state of Florida tends to be thought of as more of a vacation state than a residential state. In fact, many recovery centers were opened just to meet the demand.

Florida is Great for Rehab, but be Cautious

Florida is a wonderful option for rehab. However, due to the high volume of people in recovery, there are also many people looking to take advantage of this vulnerable population. If you choose one of the treatment centers in Florida for recovery, make sure to choose your rehab and sober living home carefully. The positive thing about there being so many centers is that there are options out there to fit everyone’s needs.

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