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picking the right treatment center

A 5 Step Guide To Picking The Right Substance Abuse Treatment Center

The 5 Things To Look For In A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

When your son, daughter, husband, wife or friend says those magic words; “I need Help”, you have no time to lose. You need to get him or her into a substance abuse treatment center and you have to do it fast. The addict or alcoholic you love could change their mind in a second, or pick up the needle one last time and lose their life. Time is not on your side, but you also can’t just send them to the first treatment center you click on. Here is a quick guide to making sure you choose the best treatment center to help your loved one in their battle against substance abuse. A Great Substance Abuse Treatment Center Should Have These 5 Things.

1. Aftercare: Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment.

Any substance abuse treatment center with a high success rate will have an aftercare program. Long-term engagement with substance abuse therapists and frequent meetings with fellow alumni are fundamental to ensuring, permanent sobriety. Addicts and alcoholics cannot make it alone. A helping hand and a friend who has overcome the same substance abuse obstacles is one of the most important ingredients in life-long recovery.

2. Substance Abuse JCAHO Accreditation.

Any credible treatment center should be JCAHO accredited.
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is the gold standard of substance abuse accreditation and a higher level of accreditation than CARF. JCAHO is an independent, non-profit organization that certifies and accredits over to 20,000 healthcare institutions. If the Substance abuse treatment center your loved one is attending is JCAHO accredited, you can rest assured that he or she is being taken care of by one of the top treatment centers in the country.

3. Family Program for Substance Abuse.

The family is the patient and the patient is the family. A substance abuse treatment center who provides substance abuse treatment and education to the family, as well as the patient, are far more successful than the rest. If the family gets well, the patient gets well.

4. Gender-Specific Substance Abuse Treatment

The issues that affect men and women are very different. Substance abuse treatment centers that separate men and women into different substance abuse counseling groups put their clients in a much more productive environment. Many times women find it difficult to truly feel safe around men in a treatment center. Separation by gender allows women to truly focus on themselves without worry. It also allows men to talk about personal issues they wouldn’t normally discuss in front of women.

5. A Highly Trained Treatment Staff

No two addicts are alike and no two mental health professionals are alike. It takes an experienced staff trained in all areas of treatment to be able to fully service the substance abuse clients in their care. Ask the substance treatment center you’re looking to if they have therapists trained to handle clients with past issues with trauma, eating disorders and relapse. The more experienced and diverse the Substance abuse treatment staff, the better hands your loved one is in.

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