“Drug and Alcohol Abuse Are A New Form of Slavery” – Pope Francis

On Thursday November 25th, while the United States was celebrating Thanksgiving, Pope Francis was launching his war to fight drug and alcohol abuse. The Pope pleaded for comprehensive addiction programs at The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a Vatican-sponsored workshop aimed to end drug and alcohol abuse. More than 50 experts participated in the summit that lasted 2 days. Drugs “are a wound in our society, a venom that corrodes, corrupts and kills,” Said Pope Francis.

Pope Francis, the most popular Pope in the history of the catholic church increased his approval ratings with the world’s Catholics and most likely God by tackling the issue of drug and alcohol abuse saying, “Those who fall under the traps of this chemical form of slavery, are destroyed by it, and those around them too.

drug and alcohol abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs Must Contain Education And Support

Pope Francis feels that drug and alcohol abuse is a global issue and that it must be stopped through comprehensive addiction programs that educate and support the individuals effected. The Pope urged drug and alcohol addiction programs to educate people on the health risks involved in using. The pope went on to say that there are many reasons why people suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. “From lack of family support, to social pressure, traffickers doing propaganda and the “desire to live new experiences.” The Popes stance to educate the world on the health risks seemed outdated but, then again all we are hearing right now is the staggering number of people dying from heroin overdoses before they can make it to addiction programs. Maybe it is time to discuss the specific health problems that drug and alcohol abuse cause. The liver failure, the kidney failures, loss of hair and the mental deterioration.

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Addicts are Not Broken Junk, Said The Pope

Where Pope Francis succeeded the most, was on the call for support of the those effected by drug and alcohol abuse. “We cannot fall into the injustice of classifying a drug addict as if he [or she] was an object or broken junk,” Francis said, asking for their rehabilitation at addiction programs. The Pope went on the say that mentally and physically drug and alcohol abuse equates to, “the throwing away of a person.” Pope Francis, known for his compassion, passion and rebel with a mitre (the hat the pope wears) mentality echoed the slowly growing sentiments of the recovery community, that is urging the rest of the world to face addiction with a compassionate approach most commonly seen in response to cancer patients.


Although dated at times the Popes remarks and summit on drug and alcohol abuse is a huge step forward fot he cause. It seems like now drug and alcohol abuse and addiction programs even have the official support of GOD. Always good to have him on your side. On and one more thing just incase you Catholics in Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts are reading this…

The Pope On Recreational Marijuana?

“No to every type of drug use. It is as simple as that,” he said.

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