Students and Adderall Drug Addiction

Students and Adderall Drug Addiction

People always tell students to not take drugs because it will ruin your grades, which will spiral into ruining your life. There has always been a negative association to teenagers that take drugs are usually the troublemakers that get bad grades. But with a larger selection of prescription drugs available. There are , like Adderall, there are more students taking drugs than just the ‘troubled teens’. “One of the fastest-rising groups of teen drug abusers are some of the top students with overachiever tendencies.” A lot of these students do not think they have a drug problem either. So, what is Adderall and why are smart students using it?

What is Adderall?

adderall addictionAdderall was created to help students who have ADD and ADHD or other symptoms related to attention disorder. It is a stimulant drug and also similar to Ritalin as well. It alters the mind and behavior of those who take it and helps them focus.

It allows users to boost their attention and focus, which is why it is common and popular among teens that are looking to help with their academics.

Many students are buying the pills illegally or faking ADHD to get a prescription from a doctor.

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How Is It Harmful?

Adderall is a stimulant, which stimulates parts of the body when in use. It always ends in a crash and can lead to mood swings, irregular heartbeats, and depression. One of the biggest side effects of taking Adderall is addiction. There are now current studies on the long-term effects of Adderall but that doesn’t mean that is will not lead to any health issues in the future.

How To Help

Having an addiction to Adderall can become serious and dangerous. If you or a loved one has an addiction to Adderall, it is best to seek help immediately. Light House Recovery Institute can help.



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