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Students Develop Adderall Addiction

Prescription medications like Adderall have earned a reputation among high school and college-aged students as a way to efficiently complete work. Higher education and learning have put immense pressure on students to excel and do so quickly. The pressure of school has led to college students using the drug Adderall and developing Adderall drug addiction. There has always been a negative association that students that take drugs are usually the troublemakers that get bad grades. But with a larger selection of prescription drugs available, such as Adderall, more students are using the drug to deal with the pressure of work and school.

Teens and young adults who have turned to this amphetamine, or a similar drug called Ritalin, will no doubt realize its addictive properties and as a result, may need professional assistance when it comes to substance abuse issues and recovery. Make no mistake: Adderall is a drug that has potent side-effects. Enhanced concentration is one of them; so is misuse and abuse of these pills that should only be distributed by medical professionals and pharmacies. For readers considering drug rehab as a way to address their problem with Adderall, please view the information below to learn more about this drug that so-called “smart” students have turned to in droves.

New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehabs for College Students

A lot of these students who abuse Adderall do not think they have a drug problem either. So, what is Adderall and why are smart students using it?

What is Adderall Addiction?

Adderall was created to help students who have attention-deficit disorder (ADD),attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or other symptoms related to attention disorders. It is a stimulant drug similar to Ritalin that alters the mind and behavior of those who take it. Many users will report that taking Adderall helps them focus. This seemingly positive side-effect can quickly spiral out of control and drug rehab centers near you can shed light on this particular possibility.

Adderall allows users to boost their attention and improve focus, which is why it is common and popular among teens and young adults who are looking for help with their academics.

Today, Adderall is often sold illegally by those with access to the pills to those looking for a way to boost their physical and mental activity. The legal ramifications of illegal sales are serious; so too is the impact that these people are having on the health and well-being of others. According to a recent article from The New York Times, parents of college students now have to worry about their pupils who are home for breaks during semesters. That’s because the use of this stimulant has become rampant and college is a place where sales – while still illegal – are commonplace. “College life is a highly dysregulated environment with inconsistent sleep patterns and diets, little structure, and an abundance of binge-drinking, pot-smoking, and abuse of stimulants like Adderall,” the Times states, adding that this type of behavior can shed light on the rate of college freshmen who don’t come back for their sophomore year. Many students are buying the pills illegally or faking ADHD to get a prescription from a doctor. This is a huge problem in today’s society and what seems like a harmless drug can easily turn into an addiction and necessitate drug rehab at an addiction treatment center. Getting help often requires the help of addiction experts and medical professionals who staff drug rehab centers. These same individuals are no stranger to Adderall-related issues and can help you address using this stimulant for unintended purposes.

Why is Adderall Harmful to College Students?

Adderall is a stimulant that can trigger increased mental and physical activity. As any substance abuse expert will say, taking Adderall always ends in a crash and can lead to mood swings, irregular heartbeat, and depression. One of the most dangerous side effects of taking Adderall is developing an addiction. There are on-going studies related to the long-term effects of Adderall, but that doesn’t mean that is will not lead to any health issues in the future. If you’re worried about a loved one who seems to exhibit behaviors that indicate a problem with Adderall, it may be time to consider a drug rehab center as a way to end the usage and correct maladaptive behavior.

How To Help

Using Adderall in college as a means to study and cope with the stress of life can lead students to develop a physical addiction to Adderall. Having an addiction to Adderall can become serious and dangerous. If you or a loved one has an addiction to Adderall, it is best to seek help immediately. Lighthouse Recovery Institute can help call now. 


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