The Indiana Meth Crisis

The Indiana Meth Crisis

The Indiana Meth Crisis

Indiana was recently deemed the ‘Meth Capital of the United States’ – a title that is far less desirable than essentially any other. In 2013, Indiana reigned over all other states as far as the amount of meth lab busts – totaling in at a whopping 1,808 at the end of the fiscal year. Other states with high meth lab bust rates include Tennessee with 1,616, Missouri with 1,496, Ohio with 1,010, and Illinois with 673. While methamphetamine abuse has recently taken a backseat to opioid abuse as far as media attention goes, the meth issue in Indiana is not going away anytime soon. While crystal meth (imported from Mexico, predominantly), still causes major issues across the country (especially in bordering states such as California), the vast majority of meth in circulation throughout Indiana is manufactured within state lines. The state of Indiana has, to say the least, a massive meth crisis. Meth Crisis

The Meth Crisis in Indiana

Several Indiana state legislatures believe that making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug would greatly decrease the amount of home cook laboratories throughout the state. Pseudoephedrine, an active ingredient in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, can be currently purchased at most drug stores as an over-the-counter nasal decongestant. Many local government officials continuously address the fact that it is not only the users and the sellers that are being harshly affected by rampant meth abuse and manufacturing. Over 300 children were identified during meth lab busts in 2013 alone. Communities are being affected – meth has become a corroding thread throughout the lives of the vast majority of Indiana residents. Contamination due to home cook labs has been causing major issues for homeowners in residential neighborhoods, as well as for real estate agents and law enforcement officers.

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Number of Meth Lab Busts Continues to Rise in Indiana

Because the number of meth lab incidents continues to climb throughout Indiana on an annual basis (there were a total of 1,797 recorded incidents in 2014 – a number accounting for 15.5% of the total meth lab busts nationwide), local government officials are being forced to implement a wide range of preventative and regulatory laws to protect citizens and potentially hinder such devastatingly widespread use. A new state law went into effect in early July of 2014, requiring real estate agents to disclose to potential buyers whether or not the house they are looking to buy was previously utilized to cook methamphetamine. If an individual is exposed to meth lab contaminants, even after the house has been thoroughly cleaned, he or she is liable to develop significant respiratory issues (as well as a host of other potential health problems). Toxic organic compounds and chemical residue can contaminate the flooring and walls of the house for years after the meth lab has removed. For a comprehensive list of clandestine labs, take a look at

Help for Meth Addiction is Available

Meth has become a major area of concern in Indiana – and the severe consequences of meth use extend far beyond the users themselves. If you or someone you know has been struggling with meth addiction, help is available. Please contact one of our trained representatives today for a comprehensive list of treatment options in your immediate area. And for more information on meth lab contamination, please read our article, “Meth Lab Contamination”.

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