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drinking moderately

Drinking Moderately

Do You Drink Too Much?

Alcohol effects everyone in different ways. Factors that can vary the effects of alcohol are age, weight, sex, health, how often one drinks, and many more. Because there have been so many people in the United States abusing alcohol, the US Government has created guidelines for safe or low risk drinking with input from the Department of Agriculture and Department of Health & Human Services. How do you know if you are drinking moderately?

Drinking Moderately Guidelines

These guidelines are based off the US national set of dietary guidelines that are supported by health specialists. ‘These guidelines are intended for Americans of legal drinking age who choose to drink alcohol and are informed by the most recent and best available scientific research and evidence. They are intended to provide consistent information across the country to help Americans moderate their alcohol consumption and reduce their immediate and long-term alcohol-related harm. They recommend the best way to consume alcohol is in moderation. For women, moderation would be a drink a day and for men, two drinks a day. This is because women usually have smaller bodies than men and the alcohol concentrations rise quicker. Women also have less water in their bodies than men. The guidelines also so that drinking small amounts of alcohol a regular basis is better than binge drinking alcohol in large amounts on occasion. Health risks occur when one binge drinks on the weekends and refrains from drinking during the week.

Responsible Moderate Drinking

In 2012, 87.6% of people that were 18 years or older reported that they have drank alcohol at some point in their life. The US Dietary Guidelines created a list of categories people should not drink if they fit into.

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Those who are also taking prescription medication
  • Those under the legal drinking age
  • People who can control their drinking to moderate levels
  • Individuals who plan on driving, operating machinery, or other activities that require attention and coordination
  • Those with specific medical conditions

If you or a loved one show problems drinking moderately, there is help available. Call 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE

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