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What Makes Lighthouse Recovery Institute Different?

by | Last updated Oct 18, 2021 at 3:05PM | Published on Feb 11, 2016 | Rehab Programs


There are close to 164 rehab centers, ten independent counseling facilities, and nine official support groups with countless meeting sites in South Florida. When looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities, it can be quite challenging to determine which one is right for you. We invite you to know why the Lighthouse Recovery Institute continues to be the chosen addiction treatment center for many families in South Florida. 

Our Mission as a Drug Rehab Center in South Florida

The past decade has seen a significant increase in opiate addiction cases, especially throughout the East Coast. As prescription painkillers gained rampant popularity, more and more individuals were exposed to the highly addictive opioid analgesics, and as demand for the drugs increased, so were accessibility and circulation.

Southern Florida had already been somewhat of an ideal location for addiction treatment – the consistently warm weather and beautiful, sandy beaches lent themselves to a perfect environment to recover the mind, body, and soul. Those suffering at the hands of opiate addiction and seeking real recovery began trickling down the East Coast into Florida. Perhaps this is why South Florida is known as the “Addiction recovery capital of the nation today.”

We at Lighthouse Recovery Institute have been working tirelessly since our founding to separate ourselves from the rest. Our mission is to foster an environment of healing, support, and advancement that helps people find long-term sobriety. 

What Makes Lighthouse Recovery Institute Unique?

To start, our strategic location in the heart of Boynton Beach gives us access to major surrounding cities like West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Deerfield Beach, to name a few. Many experts agree with encouraging a change of scenery to support and promote addiction treatment. Our facilities are the perfect environment to start working towards recovery. 

#1 – Our Unique Team

In general, many drug rehab centers are large in staff size. While some see this as an advantage, it doesn’t always benefit the person in treatment. Our small team operates as a family. As a result, it allows our therapists to come together and design the most comprehensive treatment plan for our patients. We can offer individual treatment plans thanks to our unique team of clinical therapists, different backgrounds, and therapy specializations.

#2 – Personalized 1:1 Assistance

In extensive treatment facilities, frequently, patients feel like another number. In general, our small-to-medium approach guarantees that patients engage in 1:1 time with their designated specialists. By building this therapist-patient bond, we’re able to see remarkable progress. Often we build long-term relationships that double as accountability partners in recovery.

Our therapists receive emails, postcards, and phone calls from discharged patients celebrating their sobriety milestones. That’s the power of 1:1 assistance. So when we say we operate as a family, we mean it.

#3 – Comprehensive Treatment Programs

We also believe in providing step-down care that assists our patients well into their recovery. We even extend our addiction treatment services, like relapse prevention, life skills, and family therapy. As a result, all of this helps to enhance the recovery experience further.

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox ProgramsMost drug addiction recovery journeys start here. Our medical team ensures a safe and controlled detox environment to set the foundations for a successful rehab program.
  • Partial Hospitalization ProgramsGenerally, these programs offer a stable and secure environment to begin treatment in patients with progressive substance abuse disorders.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs:  The next step in Florida treatment, offering a balance between structured accountability and flexibility to work, attend school, and maintain family responsibilities. Generally, if you are looking for a Boynton Beach IOP Drug Rehab, Delray Beach IOP Drug Rehab, or Boca Raton IOP Drug Rehab, we can accommodate you – so call us today to inquire.
  • Dual Diagnosis TreatmentIn many cases, those struggling with substance abuse often battle mental health illnesses; these programs offer a comprehensive treatment plan for both conditions. 
  • Medication-Assisted TreatmentThe effects of drug withdrawal can be detrimental and potentially life-threatening; using medications to ease the process can be beneficial to the onset of the treatment plan and recovery process.
  • Outpatient TreatmentFor patients that complete more intensive programs, outpatient treatments offer more flexibility while they continue to build the life skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

#4 – Long-term Recovery Support

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our commitment to your wellbeing doesn’t stop after treatment. We also believe in offering long-term recovery support that prepares you for this new stage of your life. 

  • Family Recovery Programs: In tandem with our addiction treatment programs, we believe in rebuilding family relationships to heal and promote long-term sobriety. 
  • Aftercare ProgramsLong-term recovery programs ensure that recovering addicts continue to have the support they need, whereas that means ongoing outpatient treatment or having weekly group support. Our therapists will help you find the right one. 

Get Help Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, seek drug and alcohol rehab treatment today. Recovery and long-term sobriety are possible. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our loving addiction therapists always offer comfort, guidance, and support. 

Call our admissions offices today and learn more about our comprehensive treatment programs. Additionally, consult with our admission specialists and check if your insurance covers your addiction treatment. Your new life starts here.

Lighthouse Editorial Team

Lighthouse Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes content experts that contribute to Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s blog. Editors and medical experts review our blogs for accuracy and relevance. We consistently monitor the latest research from SAMHSA and NIDA to provide you with the most comprehensive addiction-related content.
Medical Disclaimer:

Lighthouse Recovery Institute aims to improve the quality of life for anyone struggling with substance use or mental health disorder. We provide fact-based content about the nature of behavioral health conditions, treatment options, and their outcomes. The material we publish is researched, cited, edited, and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide in our posts is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It should never be used in place of the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider.

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