Unique Approach to Fighting Drug Addiction

Unique Approach to Fighting Drug Addiction

New, Unique Approach to Fighting Drug Addiction

Psychologists in Atlanta, Georgia have begun experimenting with a new approach to treating drug addiction – one that involves completely altering the brains of the afflicted. For the past several decades, addiction has been scientifically and medically classified as a brain disease. Responding to this classification, psychologists have developed a method of treatment they currently call The Synapse System. This specially developed outpatient treatment program is currently available to adolescents and young adults, and utilizes intensive therapy along with some newly emerging technology to help improve the overall health of the brain.

How Does the Synapse Treatment Program Work?

As part of their treatment, patients are hooked up to electrodes that measure their brain waves. An interactive computer program is then introduced, which shows patients how to adjust their brain waves and thought processes. Over time, the exercises provided by the software help young adults permanently adjust their brain waves. Damaged neuropathways are repaired, and new neuropathways are simultaneously created. This program has proven extremely successful for those who have already been exposed. Several patients have reported decreased feelings of depression and anxiety, improved self-confidence, and an overall enhancement in general wellbeing.

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Core Principles of the Synapse System

There are 5 main principles at the root of the Synapse System, based on the collective experiences and accumulative understanding of the program founders.

The principles are as follows:

  1. Addiction is a disease of the brain, and effective forms of treatment must therefore address brain functioning.
  2. It is very common for substance abuse and addiction disorders to co-occur with other psychological disorders. It is crucial that all co-occurring disorders are adequately uncovered, assessed, and treated.
  3. It is important that all impacted members of the family are addressed and treated accordingly – addiction is a family disease.
  4. Adequate treatment of substance dependency disorders requires a holistic, multi-faceted, and highly individualized approach that addresses the aforementioned components of neurological functioning, c-occurring disorders, and the family.
  5. Treating substance misuse may prevent the onset of full-fledged addiction, which may lead to chronic underachievement, delinquency, and ultimate death.

For more information on the Synapse System, please visit www.thesynapsesystem.com. For more information on which rehab facilities in South Florida have begun to utilize this specific program, or other similarly structured programs, please contact one of our trained representatives at the Lighthouse Recovery Institute today. We have been utilizing a similar method of cognitive therapy for quite some time, and would be more than happy to discuss implications and past successes with you.



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