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WPEC News Talks with Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s CEO About Her Journey

In an interview with WPEC News, our CEO, Brittany Ringersen talked about her story. The interview highlighted the Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s work in the community and addiction industry. Our programs got recognition in the Palm Beach Country Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition.

Women seeking recovery from their addiction are often a forgotten population. Finding strong clinical programs that focus on the underlying causes and conditions that contribute to addiction. But finding one geared toward women and their specific needs, is almost an impossible find.

Our CEO, Brittany Ringersen, got candid about her story with addiction. Her inspiring story of sobriety is a tale of strength for others. Brittany took her addiction story and chose to start her own addiction treatment center. During her interview with WPEC News, she got candid about her personal struggles with opioids and how it all started with a visit to her dentist.

Like many women, Brittany was struggling to find the right care to get better. Making the Lighthouse Recovery Institute a reality was about creating a safe space to help women find the care and support they needed to get better without feeling ashamed or guilty.

Years later, what started as a center to help women struggle with addiction, has flourished into a well-rounded organization that helps women and men fight their addiction and find sobriety. Today, the Lighthouse Recovery Institute helps hundreds of people navigate through their addiction, mental health conditions, and eating disorders.

We’re still proud to serve our community and offer a safe, healing, and positive space to leave addiction in your past.

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