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My Social Good News Talks with Our CEO About Starting a Business to Help Others

Lighthouse Recovery Institute has a unique heartwarming story about heartbreak and recovery. Certified Addiction Counselor and CEO, Brittany Ringersen speaks out about the disease of addiction and empowers the community to educate themselves. Recently, she sat down with everyone over at My Social Good News to share her story.

“Helping people with addictions is the only thing I’ve enjoyed.” 

Brittany Ringersen

Her best advice to other entrepreneurs: “There are a lot of financial fears and interference with your free time. I would compare it to raising a child – it is something you have to care about and put a lot of time, energy and focus into.”

As fas as education, parents, and the community at large need to understand how bad the drug problem in this nation is, even in their own backyard or in their home. Without providing the educational platform to keep families informed the problem will continue to increase. Check out the spotlight on Lighthouse and the incredible work being done to help individuals and families recover.

“We all have the ability to be great at what we do,” Ringersen says. “Life does not come with ceilings – you can go as far as you’re willing to sacrifice.”

Click here to read the full article in My Social Good News.

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