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AmeriGroup Insurance for Drug Rehab

Amerigroup insurance offers coverage for mental health conditions and substance use disorder treatment. As one of the nation’s leading healthcare plans, Amerigroup provides coverage for seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families, and other groups. Indeed, they’re dedicated to providing service through partnerships with state agencies, local providers, and the community.  Amerigroup insurance plans offer different health care coverage that varies by state. Still, alcohol and drug rehab treatment are one of the services they assist for. 

How to Check Amerigroup Rehab Coverage

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer evidence-based treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. To learn more about our extensive treatment options, give us a call at (866) 308-2090. Or, you can verify your Amerigroup health insurance coverage by filling out the form below. Someone from our admissions office will contact you later to explain your benefits and coverage. 

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About Amerigroup

As one of the largest, leading healthcare plans providers, Amerigroup serves over 6 million members in state-sponsored plans across the United States. Of course, insurance coverage for drug or alcohol rehab treatment is dependent on the type of plan you have and which state you live in. However, if you find an in-network provider, it becomes easier to access the levels of care you need. 

Amerigroup Coverage Levels and Substance Abuse Coverage

Because of its partnership with government agencies, Amerigroup offers different coverage plans, including:

  • Medicare-Medicaid,
  • Low-cost Medicaid,
  • Medicare Advantage,
  • Medicare supplement insurance,
  • and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Most Amerigroup plans cover substance abuse treatment. In some, if not all, states, members may self-refer for substance abuse treatment (meaning you can contact the treatment facility without precertification) as long as you are seeking treatment from a provider in the Amerigroup network. They cover an extensive array of levels of care, including inpatient rehab, medical detox, and outpatient rehab programs. Other services they cover are drug dependency counseling, outpatient detox, and medication-assisted treatment

How to Pay for Rehab If My AmeriGroup Policy Doesn’t Cover It

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer various payment plans to help you afford treatment. Other alternatives include seeking out a loan. You can also check if your company’s insurance provides employee assistance programs that could cover drug rehab. You’ll be surprised how many family members and friends are willing to help you pay for your treatment program.  Don’t let your insurance stop you from seeking substance abuse treatment. There’s no better time to seek treatment for drug abuse than today. After all, seeking help for your addiction will be the best investment you’ll ever make for yourself. Your path to recovery can still happen. 

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