Cocaine Abuse in the Rich and Powerful

Cocaine Abuse in the Rich and Powerful

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Cocaine Abuse is Rampant 

In recent news, stories have been popping up about Chipotle Executive Mark Crumpacker, who allegedly ordered over $3,000 in cocaine to his luxury apartment in Union Square, New York City. He surrendered to authorities after receiving seven misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance after his drug dealer was the focus of an investigation. He is currently on a leave of absence from Chipotle as he addresses all of his personal issues regarding his cocaine abuse. If he gets convicted, he can face up to 7 years in prison.

Not the First Case of Cocaine Abuse

In this single bust, a few big-time executives were among people charged, including Katie Welnhofer, a 29-year-old producer for Fox. Just a month ago, a local attorney in Tallahassee, FL, was arrested after he purchased $800 of cocaine from an undercover officer near Florida State University. As far as celebrities go, the list of ones who have been arrested for cocaine includes Lil’ Wayne, Bobby Brown, Paris Hilton, Faith Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and DMX – just to name a few. It’s clear to see how prevalent cocaine abuse is within the rich and powerful.

Why Cocaine?

People may wonder – why cocaine? Well, first and foremost it acts as a stimulant, allowing the user to feel a false sense of energy and strength, even when they may be running on little to no fumes. For people who are over-achievers and need to get stuff done, cocaine may seem like an obvious choice to give them more “hours to their day” than they would have if they were sober.

Some claim that cocaine makes people more focused, so abusers may think they are getting better, more productive work accomplished while under the influence. Take this story about a 38-year-old corporate lawyer who is heavily addicted to cocaine, and unable to get through a weekend of work without purchasing cocaine. The need is so strong that it trumps everything else, despite the negative consequences that inevitably crop up.

The Negative Effects of Cocaine Abuse.

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that causes complete mayhem in the human body when it is ingested, especially regularly. The short-term, intense high is countered by a huge crash that includes depression, edginess, and a craving for more cocaine. Heavy users don’t usually get enough rest, or have an appetite enough to eat, so they end up running on empty fumes. Even if cocaine is done “just a little”, it increases the chances of heart attack, stroke, and seizures, all of which can result in a sudden death.

Short-term effects of cocaine use include loss of appetite, increased heart rate and blood pressure, dilated pupils, lack of sleep, nausea, erratic behavior, euphoria, anxiety, and paranoia.

Long-term effects include permanent damage to the heart, liver, kidney and lung damage, malnutrition and weight loss, tooth decay, delirium and psychosis, hallucinations, and severe depression.

As with any substance abuse disorder, cocaine abuse is extremely serious and if left untreated it can lead to death. Get help before it is too late!

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