Crack Addiction Facts and Statistics

Crack Addiction Facts and Statistics


Crack Addiction Facts: What is Crack?

Crack-Cocaine is the modern version of a drug that has been around for millennia. Coca leaves have been used by indigenous peoples for over three thousand years! However, crack’s history dates back less than fifty years. Crack addiction became rampant as soon as the drug hit the streets. The intense effect of the drug, coupled with a very short-lived high, made psychological addiction very prevalent.

crack addiction facts and statistics

Why Was Crack Invented?

To give a brief history of crack, let’s start by looking at the immense loss of profit drug dealers faced in the late 70’s.

Cocaine was entering the country at an alarmingly fast rate. In turn, its price dropped dramatically. This meant distributors needed to find a way to make money with a less valuable product. The production of crack began simply for profit. The consequence was explosive and immediate.

The high produced by crack starts and fades so quickly that users were compelled to buy LARGE amounts. Dealers could sell crack for what initially seemed to be a cheap price. What the users didn’t know was the price would add up, as they went back and back and back for more.

Crack Addiction in the 80’s

Crack became an epidemic in the mid-80s. The drug spread from the coasts of LA and New York to the center of the country. The number of cocaine users skyrocketed. Crack addiction went hand in hand with increased crime. In an ever-growing need to get the next high, users resorted to theft. As with most stimulant drugs, crack can make a normally peaceful person resort to violence in an effort to get more.

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Crack Addiction Facts and Statistics

Find various crack addiction facts and crack addiction statistics below. Knowledge is power!

While crack use is no longer at its peak, it’s still a readily available drug which disguises itself as cheap and easy to use.

It’s easy for addicts to claim they’ll never use crack because of the often comical depiction of crack addicts in pop culture. However, the prevalence of the drug, coupled with its history of psychological addiction, make crack a very real threat.

Acknowledging the potency of crack, as well as the high risk it poses to users, is a vital step towards recovery. The stigma that crack’s only for poor, inner-city residents serves to give it more power. The truth is that anyone is susceptible to the seemingly cheap, strong high offered by crack.

Knowing the truth about crack helps to the stigma of crack addiction. In fact, this knowledge is vital in battling crack addiction.

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