Getting Sober in Delray Beach: What’s Delray Beach Sobriety Like?

Getting Sober in Delray Beach: What’s Delray Beach Sobriety Like?

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Delray Beach Sobriety

With the epidemic levels of drug and alcohol abuse in this country, there’s no shortage of treatment centers. A few places are notoriously recovery oriented. For example, South Florida claims to be The Spot to Get Sober. There are a lot of us down here. Regardless of which self-proclaimed mecca has the most treatment centers, halfway houses, IOP programs, and therapists, there’s something to be said for the little beachside town of Delray Beach, Florida.

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What’s Delray Beach Sobriety Like?

Delray isn’t a massive tourist destination. It doesn’t have the retirement life glitz of Boca Raton and certainly lacks the worldwide party reputation of Miami. But here it is, on the map and thriving in its own special way.

Not everyone has the privilege of leaving where they’re from to attend treatment. Those who do might get especially lucky and leave the northern winter for the Florida sun. On a very basic level, a big part of what makes Delray Beach an amazing place to get sober is the climate.

The sun shines more often than not, there’s a nice big body of water more commonly known as the Atlantic Ocean, and then there are the mild (read: non-existent) winters. For a disease that feeds on negativity, living in a sunny, warm environment is a huge advantage.

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The weather is only the beginning. Part of getting sober is figuring out there’s a life worth living out there. Living in Delray is a great way to discover some of things that make life worth living. Finding new hobbies is crucial to lasting, happy sobriety. Being in a place where the choices are endless helps inspire such a change.

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Options for Recovery in Delray Beach

And then, of course, there are the options for actually recovery. You can choose to attend a mixed treatment center or a women’s treatment center. Halfway houses are everywhere. The meeting options are like no other place on earth. You have your pick of fellowships, and within whichever fellowship you choose, you have your pick of sponsor. These are all really amazing advantages that simply don’t happen everywhere.

Delray also has countless therapists, specializing in any issue imaginable. Delray has a slew of naturopaths and Eastern medicine doctors. The holistic approach is huge here. On top of that, there’s a thriving community of yogis, surfers, cyclists, and health food junkies. The list goes on and on.

Delray’s like no place on earth. Even without the laundry list of treatment centers and therapists, it would be a great place to get sober, simply because of the environment and atmosphere.

Making real and meaningful change is a cornerstone of recovery and growth. For those lucky enough to start their journey in Delray, the benefits are spiritual, mental, and physical, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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