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Published on Feb 17, 2020 | Rehab Treatment Options

How To Find the Right Rehab For You

Find The Right Rehab

When looking for addiction treatment programs, it is critical to an addict’s success that they find the right rehab. Entering a drug rehab is a major, life-changing decision – one that could very well dictate the remainder of your days. While finding a drug rehab that caters to all of your specific needs and preferences is vital, it is also essential to keep in mind that even the best treatment will prove relatively futile if not matched with intense dedication, open-mindedness, willingness, and honesty.

Finding a drug rehab center is typically one of the initial steps on the lifelong journey of addiction recovery, and is essential to the overall process for several reasons.

What Are The Benefits Of Drug Rehab?

The majority of men and women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction concurrently suffer from some co-occurring disorder. Additionally, in many cases, they suffer from past emotional, sexual, or physical trauma as well. Drug rehab helps to uncover, address, and treat underlying issues. Treatment also helps to rebuild and foster healthy relationships with others. Underlying issues can range from PTSD to bipolar disorder to eating disorders.

Generally, an addict suffering from these various disorders may require specific types of addiction treatment. Thus, to find the right rehab, ensure you do quality research, before admission, regarding treatment options at a particular treatment center. Additional benefits of attending drug rehab include relapse prevention skills. When trying to find the right rehab, ensure the treatment center provides a set of tools and techniques that will prove essential in maintaining prolonged and meaningful sobriety.

Finally, the next benefit of drug rehab is family support and education. Addiction is a family disease, and not merely because the entire family is affected by the deep devastation substance dependency causes. As a result, addiction is also often prolonged or exacerbated by dysfunction within the family. So, when trying to find the right rehab, confirm the treatment center allows for family therapy on a deep and personalized level.

How To Find The Right Rehab With Specialty Addiction Programs

There are many differing types of treatment facilities, many geared towards individuals of specific ages, genders, or personal backgrounds, some focusing on specific dual diagnosis disorders. Examples of specialty treatment facilities are as follows:

Gender-Specific Drug Rehab

Generally, individuals that attend gender-specific rehab have much more success in sobriety. Because gender-specific treatment typically allows for a more personal and thorough look at gender-specific issues. These issues range from sexual trauma, childhood abuse, gender roles, and eating disorders. Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers specific counseling regarding gender-specific topics for both men and women’s addiction issues.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Many addicts and alcoholics concurrently suffer from a dual diagnosis disorder, most commonly depression or anxiety. Dual diagnosis treatment centers focus on treating substance abuse and psychological disorders simultaneously. As a result, the rehab center’s have licensed psychiatrists on staff. Additionally, they will focus on medication and symptom management. So, if you have any concerns regarding mental health symptoms and addiction, finding the right rehab includes programming for Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Learn more about our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs here.

Executive Addiction Treatment

If you are an executive and want to find the right rehab, Executive treatment may be for you. These programs are for those working high-profile jobs. Additionally, for those who cannot take an extended vacation from their careers and who are looking for extremely high levels of privacy and confidentiality while in treatment. These facilities provide executives and other business people with the opportunity to work and simultaneously undergo the intensive therapy they require. Learn more about Executive Drug Rehab here.

LGBTQ+ Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment programs specifically designed for members of the LGBTQ+ community focus on sexual orientation-related issues, and specific communal trends in substance abuse. Learn more about treatment options here.

The Right Rehab For You

If you or someone you love want to find the right rehab, take these types of treatment options into careful consideration. Addiction is far from a one-size-fits-all disease, and addiction recovery should be equally as distinctive. Thus, make sure you are entering into a program in which you feel safe and comfortable. Also, where you think you will be able to open up honestly and thoroughly. For more information on our drug rehab call, Lighthouse Recovery Institute today.

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