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Actions For Women with a Gambling Addiction

Men and women deal with personal experiences differently. This can be the same for gambling addiction. The process of going through the recovery process for gambling addiction will be handled differently for women. Like any addiction, going through treatment and recovery is an uphill battle, even with the help of Gamblers Anonymous, GA. Here is how women with a gambling addiction can succeed in recovery.

The journey only begins once we completely stop the addictive behavior. The beginning is always the hardest part with strong urges and memories. The word ‘trigger’ means a warning of something dangerous to the mind and body. Consider changing the word to ‘warning sign’. During recovery, you should replace the old memories of the addiction with your new behavior this will help when the moments of wanting to relapse occur. “Switching her addictive pattern could lead to dependence on a new feel-good activity. Unfortunately, common sense is not one of the characteristics of addictions. For example: a compulsive gambler may turn to spending money compulsively, hoarding, over-eating, etc.”

Different Actions to Take

Having a positive relationship with a sponsor can be very beneficial. If you ever need help, you should be able to call your sponsor. When the critical time comes, you should make the call before anything happens. Negative and positive issues can be brought up. Journaling and writing down feelings and emotions is another action one can take. This is a great form of therapy that can be done any time of the day. Attending meetings helps learn from others. This is a great way to learn how to utilize different tools and when it is best not to utilize. You can also talk to others and ask any questions you need. You should always take actions beforehand to prevent any unwanted behaviors in the future. There are many ways a new comer can sabotage their recovery. You have to keep telling yourself you deserve it and want it, even during the times when you do not really feel that way.

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