The Power and Importance of an Alumni Recovery Program

The Power and Importance of an Alumni Recovery Program

Alumni Recovery Programs Provide Strength in Numbers

Alumni Program

Have you ever heard of an alumni recovery program? Is it helpful to go to an inpatient drug rehab that offers alumni support? What types of support can an alumni program offer? These are important questions to answer, but first, it helps to understand why alumni programs work.

“If so and so jumped off a bridge would you?” How many times did you hear this phrase growing up? Odds are that your family asked you this more than a handful of times. The answer is typically “no” – but that’s not the truth.

Sometimes, people are more inclined to do something when everybody else is doing it, or at least when it seems like everybody else is doing it. This can help explain why some people begin using drugs or drinking alcohol in the first place. But, this ideology can also help the other way around, when it comes to recovery.

When people see recovering addicts working a program to get and remain clean, they may be inclined to embrace recovery as well, especially when they notice a positive change n attitude of the person in recovery.

It’s not unusual to want what someone in recovery has, especially when you’re struggling with addiction and looking for a way out – which other people in recovery seem to have experience with. Helping and supporting others in their recovery is critical, especially because these same people that offer the support were once requesting it as well.

That’s why one of the single most important aspects of a great treatment center is having a thriving and active alumni recovery program. This is typically where alumni from the facility have the opportunity to connect with each other and support one another as they continue on their journey toward recovery.

Importance of Alumni Recovery Programs and Meetings

Here are just a few reasons that can help explain why alumni recovery programs and meetings are vital for recovery.

Recovery Is Encouraged at Alumni Recovery Programs

When alumni of treatment centers gather together through alumni programs and meetings, they give themselves the opportunity to connect with others who have been in their shoes. They get to meet people who are newer to recovery than they are as well as people who have greater lengths of clean time than they have. These programs and meetings allow for you to be surrounded by recovery at all different stages. It ultimately promotes just how much recovery does work and how it brings people from all walks of life together.

There’s always going to be newcomers, whether they are in Intensive Outpatient Programs or haven’t been involved in any related group since completing treatment and are just “coming back.” The reality is that some people do continue to work a program after completing treatment and some do not, which can result in a drug relapse. That’s why it is critical for them to have the opportunity to reconnect with others through an alumni program or meeting, where they can get the encouragement to get back in the program and receive the help they need.

Treatment Center Alumni Provide Unconditional Support

Providing unconditional support is beautiful, but it can be difficult to understand if you haven’t given or received it. There are many loved ones of addicts who have been stolen from, lied to, and manipulated – but they continue to be there for their addicted loved one. An addict may not even realize this is unconditional support until they get into the rooms of a 12 Step Fellowship, like AA or NA, and experience it – but from strangers.

People in 12 Step groups and alumni recovery programs understand where addiction can bring a person. They offer support to the newcomer and to anyone who is struggling because that is what was so freely given to them. It is unconditional because they don’t expect anything in return.

Addicts have a bond with one another that is incredibly strong. Each person’s story may be different, but the feelings are identical. All you have to do is say, “I’m an addict” and instantly you’re connected because addicts understand the pain of addiction. They know where you’re coming from and would do anything for you simply because they understand.

Alumni Programs Help Build the Recovery Community

Recovery Program

Delray Beach, Florida and St. Paul, Minnesota are said to be the recovery capitals of the world. More people are sober in these two cities than anywhere else on the planet.

Both have a high concentration of treatment centers and as patients complete their treatment, they stay in the cities surrounding the drug rehabs. They get involved in recovery events as well as offer support to individuals who are in newly in recovery from addiction.

As a result, cities become filled with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts living in recovery and supporting each other while doing so. Recovering alcoholics in these cities don’t have to look far for someone to talk to or for someone to help them out of a tough situation.

Alumni recovery programs help bring people in recovery together and as a result, the recovery community grows.

Suggestions Are Offered at Alumni Programs and Meetings

Stay out of a relationship for 1 year. Go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Get a plant before you get in a relationship. Get a sponsor. Share at meetings. The meeting after the meeting is just as important as the meeting. Never say no to AA. Keep coming back. It works if you work it. Men with men women with women. This meeting helped me a lot. So and so would be a great sponsor. Talk to him over there – he went through this last year. Put your keys under your bed and pray when you pick them up in the morning. Live close to your meetings, you’ll always drive farther to work cause they pay you. Keep it simple.

We’ve all heard these and similar suggestions. Alumni programs and recovery meetings offer suggestions like these because they are helpful and support recovery.

Alumni from drug treatment centers can offer many suggestions and help you as you embark on the road to recovery. Living in sobriety isn’t always easy, but when you have support, suggestions, positive reinforcement, and a great environment to receive each of these, it does get better and you can recover.

Alumni recovery programs and meetings play a critical role in helping patients from treatment centers maintain their sobriety, and can even be a great way for them to get back into recovery if they have relapsed. Choosing an inpatient rehab center that offers alumni support programs and meetings can be a great idea because of the benefits these services provide.

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