Percocet Addiction: Accurate Facts and Statistics

Percocet addiction facts

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Published on Oct 15, 2014 | Rehab Treatment Options, Types of Drug Addictions

Percocet addiction is a serious public health concern! The United States consumes over 80% of the world’s oxycodone products, of which Percocet makes up a large portion. There’s a problem going on all right.

However, are all the media reports about Percocet accurate? Are their scare stories real? Are their Percocet addiction facts true? Are their Percocet addiction statistics skewed?

The first step to solving any problem is learning what exactly that problem is. To that end, let’s cut the bulls**t. Learn accurate and true Percocet addiction facts and statistics today!

Percocet Addiction Facts

Find seven Percocet addiction facts below:

• Percocet is one of several brand names for oxycodone, a semi-synthetic opioid with analgesic (painkilling) properties.

• Percocet is classified by the DEA as a Schedule II narcotic. This means it has some medical benefits and a high potential for abuse. It’s prescribed to treat moderate to severe short-term pain. It isn’t used to treat chronic pain, due to its addictive nature.

• Percocet is twice as strong as morphine.

• Percocet contains both oxycodone and acetaminophen in an attempt to decrease its potential for abuse. The idea is that acetaminophen will deter users from taking large doses.

• Instead, industrious Percocet users found a way to extract the oxycodone. This is called “cold water extraction.”

• In 2013, over thirty million generic Percocet prescriptions were written.

• Percocet addiction can cause a variety of serious side effects, including swelling of the eyes, tongue, and throat, decreased respiration, stroke, and swelling of the lower body (feet, ankles, and legs).

Percocet Addiction Statistics

Find five Percocet addiction statistics below:

• Between 2004 and 2008, ER visits due to oxycodone pills, including Percocet, increased by over 150%.

• In 2006, oxycodone pills sent over 64,000 people to the ER. While not all of these were due to Percocet abuse, it’s safe to say a large number were.

• It’s estimated that 10% of those who’re prescribed Percocet for pain relief will continue onto Percocet abuse and addiction. That is, they’ll experience obsessive and compulsive thoughts about Percocet.

• In 2007, the total amount of oxycodone produced was over seventy-five tons.

• In 2010, this number rose to over 122 tons.

Is Suboxone a miracle cure or just another addiction?

What Do These Percocet Addiction Facts and Statistics Mean For You?

The above statistics and facts about Percocet addiction show that something’s clearly wrong. There are far too many people abusing and becoming addicted to Percocet! This drug is doing far too much damage.

So, what’s the solution? While these facts about Percocet addiction don’t offer much in the way of hope, they do suggest a solution. There needs to be stricter rules and regulations surrounding the prescription of Percocet. That’s not all, though. There needs to be increased access to treatment. Those suffering from Percocet addiction need to be treated as patients, rather than criminals!

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