State-Funded Recovery Programs are Saving Lives

State-Funded Recovery Programs are Saving Lives

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State-Funded Drug Rehabs

state-funded drug rehabs

One of the most significant barriers to recovery for many people is the cost of treatment. But for some, hope for recovery comes in the form of a scholarship. State-funded recovery programs can make all the difference for thousands of struggling addicts. Addicts get a second chance at life thanks to a national program called Access to Recovery. This $100 million initiative saves countless lives.

Started in 2003, ATR was a voucher program that helped low-income men and women in recovery by funding drug addiction treatment. Unfortunately, the program ended when funding dried up. However, that doesn’t mean that state-funded or low-cost options aren’t available. And if you know where to look, scholarships are also an option for some.

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State-Funded and Affordable Recovery Options

Access to Recovery was funded and dispersed through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is a federal agency focused on addiction and mental health. Although Access to Recovery no longer exists, SAMHSA still offers some options.

People looking for a list of state-funded recovery programs can contact SAMHSA through their website. The organization provides a list of resources in each state. In Florida, dialing 211 will connect you to an operator who can recommend free or low-cost programs. The operators here can help with finding Florida drug or alcohol rehabs, help for mental health issues, domestic violence, food and shelter, and countless other problems that people may face. Many treatment centers, charities, and private organizations also offer scholarships.

Advocating for Access to Care

state-funded recovery programs

Scholarships and state-funded programs are great options. But unfortunately, funds are limited. These programs aren’t able to help every person who needs it. So, what’s the solution?

We can help by advocating for access to care. Additionally, we have a voice as citizens, and we can tell our lawmakers that drug and alcohol rehabilitation matters to us. That might make some people uncomfortable, and that’s ok. If calling your representative to advocate for more funding for addiction treatment is out of your wheelhouse, there are other actions you can take.

A significant issue for people in early recovery is a lack of support after completing a drug treatment program. Many addicts and alcoholics don’t have proper interview clothes to find work, for example. Donating clothes can be a direct way to help people access the support they need in early recovery. Another option is volunteering time. Such as offering to help someone make a resume or get a ride to the food bank. Evidently, the little things in early recovery can make all the difference. It might seem small, but helping someone out with something like a bus pass, a ride to a 12-step meeting, or even information about a scholarship program can help kick-start a successful road of recovery.

Getting Help on a Budget

There is a real need for more options for people who need help with addiction. Fortunately, many treatment centers have payment plan options or people who work hard to get insurance to cover care. Other organizations offer assistance in the form of scholarships.

For more information on affordable treatment options, contact us. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is not a state-funded recovery program; however, we may be able to help. Our personal and individualized contributions to the recovery community go a long way. They’re the kind that can help change a life. So call now to learn more about our affordable Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs.

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