Doctor’s Prescribe Valium To Treat Anxiety and Alcohol Withdrawal and lead to Valium Addiction

Doctor’s Prescribe Valium To Treat Anxiety and Alcohol Withdrawal and lead to Valium Addiction

Valium Addiction

Doctor’s prescribe Valium for many reasons leading to increase in addiction 

Valium addiction, or Diazepam in it’s generic name, has a multitude of uses in modern medicine today which has led to the increase in abuse and addiction of the medication. Valium can be used to treat anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Mental health issues plague many individuals and valium is often a medication used by doctors to help elevate symptoms. In order to get appropriate help for valium addiction it is important to understand the facts and statistics about this unique drug. 

History of Valium In Medicine 

Find seven Valium addiction facts below:

  1. Valium is the most commercially successful Benzodiazepine in US history.
  2. For thirteen years (1969 to 1982), Valium was the most prescribed drug in America.
  3. Valium’s success is directly responsible for the synthesis of Ativan, Klonopin, and Xanax.
  4. The Rolling Stone’s tune “Mother’s Little Helper” is about Valium, showcasing the drug’s impact on popular culture.
  5. Valium has a long half-life which is why it is often it’s used during medical detox protocol’s to assist people with managing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. 
  6. Valium is used in veterinary medicine. Many individuals who struggle with valium addiction report obtaining Valium through vets, rather than doctors.
  7. Individuals with mental illness are at high risk for Valium addiction.

Valium Addiction Statistics

Top Five Valium addiction statistics below:

  1. In 1978, over two billion Valium tablets were sold.
  2. In 2010, over sixty million Valium prescriptions were written.
  3. In 2006, Valium addiction sent over 19,000 people to the ER.
  4. Diazepam has over 500 different brands worldwide, which makes it this one of the most used prescribed drug in the world 
  5. Over one million people are have a Benzodiazepine prescription for their entire adult lives

What are the current trends of benzodiazepine use and what does that mean?

Valium sales in the 70’s and early 80’s were at an all time high. Over time, dozens of alternative medications became available on the market which has led to a decrease in use of valium, but benzodiazepine use has continued to rise.

Over sixty million prescriptions were written for Valium in 2010 alone, which confirms the use of this prescription is still very high. The World Health Organization lists Valium as one of its “Essential Drugs.”  The title of being an essential drug means that Valium’s one of the necessary medicines for “basic health-care systems.” While the majority of Valium tablets are for medically approved uses, many individuals are still seeking drug rehab as a solution to their valium addiction. 

What works better for sobriety, SMART Recovery or twelve-step fellowships?

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