ValueOptions Drug Rehab Coverage

ValueOptions Drug Rehab Coverage

Withdrawal Alcohol Detox

Beacon Health Options Drug and Alcohol Rehabs 

ValueOptions Drug Rehab Coverage

ValueOptions drug rehab coverage is exclusively for members under the Beacon Health Options organization. First, ValueOptions and Beacon Health Strategies merged several years ago, expanding its network of resources. Beacon became the nation’s most comprehensive independent behavioral health care company.

Understanding the details on the addiction treatment services Beacon Health Options provides is challenging. As a result, individuals seeking professional help for addiction, alcoholism, or other harmful behaviors need assistance to understand coverage. Many members solely rely on ValueOptions insurance for drug rehab coverage. Above all, when a Beacon Health Options member admits they have a problem with an illicit substance or mental health they know help is available.

Does Your ValueOptions or Beacon Health Policy Cover Addiction Drug Rehab?

Beacon Health Options Addiction Treatment

Beacon Health Options, formerly known as ValueOptions, is unlike other health insurance providers in that this company concentrates on the management of mental and behavioral health. Additionally, they focus on substance abuse. Therefore, this expertise provides comfort for individuals seeking addiction treatment.

Continuing the mix of confusion and stress is the question of whether ValueOptions or Beacon Health Options insurance will cover drug or alcohol rehab.

It’s expensive to cover drug rehab costs without assistance from insurance. Therefore, having insurance such as ValueOptions provides a sense of hope for those in need knowing they are in the hands of the self-appointed “leaders in the behavioral health management industry.”

Lighthouse offers other insurance options, such as Anthem Drug Rehab Coverage.

Will ValueOptions Cover Drug Rehab?

ValueOptions drug treatment coverage ranges from detoxification services to outpatient services. The exact type of coverage will depend on the specific plan. The guidelines, within the schedule of benefits, provide specific details on the rehabilitation coverage of your policy.

ValueOptions Coverage for Detox, Inpatient, and Outpatient

When you attend addiction treatment, you can choose to participate in drug rehab, not in the company’s network. When visiting any doctor or program that is out of network, there may be a difference between the allowable amount paid for services rendered verse the billed amount. Next, after finding out how much ValueOptions drug treatment coverage they have, addicts want to know how long their coverage will last.

ValueOptions and Beacon Health Options offer a mobile app that aids members find facilities and individual health care providers. The length of drug rehab will depend on the medical necessity of the treatment episode. An addict may require a medical detox or dual diagnosis treatment. Thus more extended treatment options might be available.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through ValueOptions

Generally, depending on the insurance plan, you may have to option to choose from a variety of programs. ValueOptions drug rehab coverage may pay for long-term addiction treatment, luxury drug rehabs, or partial hospitalization. Similarly, Beacon Health Options drug treatment coverage usually extends to both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Professional outpatient benefits are under the medical benefits section Beacon Health Plans.

How to Pay the Costs Not Covered by ValueOptions or Beacon Plan?

What is a health insurance deductible? The health insurance deductible is the amount a member or policyholder pays. Before the insurance company begins paying for services, the member pays for the claim. The terms and conditions on the declaration page of the policy contain deductible information. In addition, the schedule of benefits includes critical details related to the out of pocket costs. Insurance is regulated by each state and this applies to the deducible as well.

Drug rehab is financially expensive. In short, ValueOptions insurance pays for most services. Thankfully, there are multiple options to fund the remaining expenses.

Don’t Have Insurance? Learn About Your Options!

One option to cover additional drug rehab costs is obtaining a loan from a local bank. In today’s world, more and more financial institutions are offering “treatment loans.”  

Most treatment centers extend payment arrangements and financing options. Financing can be done through third-party institutions. Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer affordable in-house financing and payment plans. 

ValueOptions Drug Rehab Coverage Verification

Take These Steps To Ensure Appropriate Coverage:

  • First, thoroughly review your ValueOptions or Beacon Health Options insurance plan.
  • Second, understand the cost associated with your ValueOptions or Beacon Health Options deductible and out of pocket.
  • Next, ensure the insurance policy has coverage for substance abuse or mental health treatment.
  • Finally, make sure the drug rehab center is the proper fit to help with your specific drug addiction.

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