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Importance of Getting Help at a Medical Detox Center

Suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, it’s critical to get help from a professional medical detox center. Doing a detox on your own can be particularly dangerous and potentially fatal without the proper medical attention. Detox programs are covered by insurance. 

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of clearing your body of substances and toxins that build up as a result of one’s drug or alcohol use. Detox can happen naturally when an addict abstains from taking the substance. Often the period comes with severely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and can pose significant dangers.

Detox does not treat the addiction or address any of the underlying causes. It is simply the process of safely transitioning a patient from active use to abstinence while alleviating the medical concerns and discomforts they will experience.

Who Needs Medical Detox?

Your body becomes dependent on substances when they are used for an extended period of time. This happens when the brain becomes used to the substance and tolerance is built. Over time, the user needs to consume higher doses of the drug, therefore increasing the dependence on the substance.

At a certain point, the body requires more in order to function at a normal level. When the substance is removed from the body, the body will begin to experience side effects. These are called withdrawal symptoms. 

What is the Goal of Medical Detox Center

The primary goal of medical detox is to safely get the patient off of the substances they have become dependent on. Going through withdrawal symptoms is not only dangerous but at times nearly impossible to overcome. A medically assisted drug and alcohol detox supervised by a professional staff can help the patient comfortably get through the detox process. Thereby allowing the body to function again without the need for drugs and/or alcohol.

Oftentimes a necessary step of the recovery process, putting the patients in a position to focus on their addiction recovery. This then allows for the focus to shift to the underlying causes behind their substance abuse. Addiction is more than a physical illness. It is important to treat the patients’ underlying mental and emotional conditions. Detox is the first step a patient needs to take to address these concerns.

Find an Alcohol Detox Center

Lighthouse Recovery Institute prides itself on helping you or a loved one through the entire addiction recovery process. We can assist with the medical detoxification process. Need inpatient or outpatient drug rehab after detox? For more information on medical detoxification and continuing care services, give us a call today at 866-308-2090 or fill out the contact form here.

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