Pay for Rehab: Does Private Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

Pay for Rehab: Does Private Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

Pay For Rehab Insurance Options

Paying For Rehab with Private Health Coverage

During a time of crisis for an addict, the last thing on their mind should be questions such as, “Does private health insurance cover rehab?” While private health insurance will pay for rehab in most cases, the possible financial implications for most addicts remain significant. Similarly, many individuals worry about “How do I pay for rehab without insurance?” These financial concerns create barriers during periods of vulnerability.  On the negative side, this may delay someone from getting the help they desperately need. There are several avenues to pay for rehab with or without insurance. First, it is essential to understand the factors regarding private health insurance and how coverage for rehab is determined.

Addicts seeking addiction treatment wonder “How much does rehab cost with insurance?”

The high cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket costs are increasing every year. Next, it is important to verify your private health insurance to determine what benefits are available.

Paying For Rehab and Understanding Options

Our experienced and expert admission coordinators are happy to help in any way they can. To emphasize, private health insurance is required by law to include coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment. In fact, in 2008 the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act stated that any group plan that contained more than 50 employees would be covered under this law. In other words, private health insurance covers rehab due to the benefits put in place by this act. To put it another way, if you are seeking health insurance to pay for rehab the best option is through private health insurance.

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Does Insurance Pay For Addiction Treatment?

Paying for Alcohol Rehab

Value Options Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Coventry Health Care Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Select Health Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Coverage

Aetna Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Insurance Payers Rehab Options

Humana Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

United Healthcare Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Cigna Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Tufts Health Plan Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Highmark Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Carefirst Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Anthem Alcohol & Drug Rehab Coverage

Does Your Insurance Pay For Rehabilitation?

To point out, there are several plan types when it comes to insurance. Benefits offered under these different plan types can impact treatment options. The type of insurance coverage you have may impact the location of the treatment center you can attend and for how long. In order to find out the cost of addiction treatment and how much insurance will pay for rehabilitation call now to verify coverage eligibility. The two most commonly known types of health insurance plans are HMO and PPO plans. 

HMO Health Insurance Plans stand for Health Maintenance Organization. To clarify, HMO’s provide access to specific doctors, rehabs, and even hospitals only within its network.  PPO Health Insurance Plans stand for Preferred Provider Organization. Conversely, PPO’s provide more flexibility to individuals and fewer restrictions on individuals seeking drug and alcohol rehab

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