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united health care drug rehab coverage

Your Guide to United Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage

Almost 1 in every 12 people in the United States struggle with substance abuse. If you’re or a loved one is one of them, it’s common to dismiss treatment due to affordability. However, many treatment centers (including us) accept various health insurance forms to help you pay for treatment. Here’s your guide to United Healthcare drug rehab coverage options to start your path to recovery today.

United Healthcare Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatments

United Healthcare (UHC) is one of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the nation, with over 70 million members. This means that UHC specifically has an extensive range of addiction and mental health benefits offered to the members they serve. 

“United Healthcare’s yearly preventative care visits include screening and counseling in a primary care setting for alcohol and substance abuse.”

UHC understands the importance of evidence-based treatment and comprehensive approaches to help those with a substance abuse disorder. Most of the treatment programs covered through United Healthcare are investigational, considered effective, and have evidence and research claims behind them to validate these approaches. In most cases, your insurance policy will cover:

Of course, the extent of coverage depends upon your plan. Some restrictions may apply to your specific plan. This guide is meant to help you better understand coverage options with UHC insurance. However, you should always refer to your policy and check with your provider to better understand what’s covered. 

However, there’s an exception to United Healthcare plans. Their short-term medical plans or Short Term Medical Value Plan does not cover drug and alcohol abuse treatment expenses. The rest of their plans provide some assistance to its members. 

How to Verify Coverage

The first step to reap the benefits of your insurance plan is to verify coverage. Contact your insurance provider to help you find treatment facilities in your area that are in-network. Additionally, you can always reach out to our admissions office. Use our insurance verification form to find out if your insurance policy covers drug rehab. 

More than that, you want to ask about what’s covered under your policy and for how long will these benefits extend. Sometimes people need to be in a rehab center for 30 days or 90 days. After all, addiction recovery is a long-term process. Some insurance companies will stop covering after a specific period. Our admission specialists can help you find out the length of your coverage. 

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How to Pay for Rehab If My United Healthcare Plan Doesn’t Cover It

Don’t let your insurance stop you from seeking substance abuse treatment. There’s no better time to seek treatment for drug abuse than today. After all, seeking help for your addiction will be the best investment you’ll ever make for yourself. Your path to recovery can still happen. 

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer various payment plans to help you afford treatment. Other alternatives include seeking out a loan. You can also check if your company’s insurance provides employee assistance programs that could cover drug rehab. You’ll be surprised how many family members and friends are willing to help you pay for your treatment program. 

Stop using money or your financial situation as an excuse for seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, contact us today to get started. We’ll look at your UHC insurance policy and verify what’s covered. If you don’t have coverage through your insurance, we’ll work tirelessly to find other alternatives. Our priority is to help you find the help you need to get better. 

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