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how heroin looks

What Does Heroin Look Like?

I Found Powder in My Kids Room. Could It Be Heroin?

All across America, the biggest fear parents have is that their son or daughter will begin to use heroin. With news of the heroin epidemic taking the lives of our youth far too often, their fears are very valid. In many cases, this has lead to a large number of parents realizing that they would not know heroin if the saw it. This is the situation Debbie Johnson found herself in one evening when she reached out to a member of our staff. She called and said, “I Found Powder In My Son’s Room and I’m scared it could be heroin, but I’m not sure. What Does Heroin Look Like?

Here are some examples of what heroin looks like.

Drug Rehabs Help Concerned Parents Identify Drugs

Our staff member leads her through the identification process. Asking her to describe the color texture and referred her to the website This government was created for parents for this specific situation. To help them get smart about drugs and to help them answer the all too common question, what does heroin look like? The website goes beyond heroin and shows examples of all types of drugs ranging from ecstasy to cocaine and flakka. Many parents have found the information on this site extremely helpful in identifying strange substances found in their home and answering the question, what does heroin look like?

What Does Heroin Look Like and What to Do with It?

In most cases, heroin comes in the form of a white or brown powder. It can also be seen as a black and sticky substance called “black tar heroin.” Heroin is also called street names such as Smack, Chiva, Thunder, Big H, and Hell Dust. Heroin is always cut with other drugs or substances like sugar or the powdered form of milk. This is where the biggest problem arises because the addict is unaware of how much actual heroin is being used, making the chance of overdose likely. Forms of paraphernalia used to get high off heroin include needles, glass or metal pipes, spoons and straw or tubes. If you find any of these items or anything that looks like it could be heroin you should call one of the many drug rehabs immediately and ask to speak to a staff member. They will help you assess the situation and the next course of action. Many times, once we have answered the question of what heroin looks like, we will tell the parent to throw the drugs away. Keeping them in the house will only tempt the addict. Other times we may instruct you to take the drugs to the police but each situation is different.

If you feel you or someone in the home may be in danger DO NOT call one of the drug rehabs, call 9-1-1.

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