What Is Comprehensive Addiction Treatment?

What Is Comprehensive Addiction Treatment?

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

All too often, patients enroll in programs that offer comprehensive addiction treatment and fail to deliver on that promise. Having a robust and inclusive clinical program is more than providing evidence-based, proven care. While we pride ourselves on utilizing up-to-date, cutting edge as well as tried-and-true therapy models, we strive for more at our patient centered facility. In addition to a staff that routinely attends training and seminars to further develop therapeutic skills, we offer holistic care models.

All our specific treatment programs incorporate three major components which include a medical approach, a psychotherapeutic approach, and a social services approach. These approaches are integrated into a single treatment modality and used simultaneously to support and reinforce each other.

The Medical Approach includes individualized medication assessments, medication programs, medication-assisted treatment while in early sobriety such as anti-craving medications. We support a strictly evidence-based approach to medication use.

The Psychotherapeutic Approach includes offering therapy techniques that are proven to assist patients, such as cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy.

The Social Services Approach includes life skill development, twelve-step support, and auxiliary services such as gym access, case management services, vocational training, sober living, and much more. 

Each patient spends time with the clinical team upon their arrival to determine the course of care that would most benefit them. Patients are invited to work with their team to identify their goals and steadily work towards their achievement each day, for the duration of their treatment.

Through integrating these three major components into our addiction treatment center, we can offer different levels of care that are inclusive without being overwhelming. We’re able to offer quality drug and alcohol treatment that’s thorough without being triggering. (LINK TO RELAPSE PREVENTION PAGE) We’re able to offer addiction treatment that is holistic, personalized, and effective.

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