5 People You Need After Drug & Alcohol Rehab

5 People You Need After Drug & Alcohol Rehab


This Team Will Help Enhance Your Recovery Post Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Many new to recovery from addiction and new to drug & alcohol rehab think that after 30 days they will never drink or use drugs again. This is not the case. Rehab is just the start of the recovery process. Finding and maintaining long term and permanent sobriety takes daily maintenance and must involve a host of professionals and support figures. These 5 people or groups of people are essential to helping addicts and alcoholics recover from the disease that plagues them.

Recovery from Addiction Takes a Team of Experts

5. Sober Friends In Recovery
After rehab, many addicts feel that they can return home to the same friends they had before. Research suggests that this is not an idea conducive to recovery. People in recovery from addiction tend to have the most success when they associate with others in recovery. When men in recovery and women in recovery stick close together their programs and lengths of sobriety tend to flourish at higher rate. People and even family members who do not share the disease of addiction are often times incapable of truly understanding or relating to the recovery of an addict.

4. An After Care Group
Just because rehab has ended doesn’t mean that recovery from addiction has stopped. The most successful men and women in recovery remain actively involved in some form of recovery support group for up to one year after successfully completing drug & alcohol rehab. Many times, individuals participate in Aftercare programs, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and/or Outpatient(OP) therapy.

3. Chemical Dependency Therapist

In addiction to the people that make up group therapy, another person that is essential to recovery is the Chemical Dependency Therapist. Many of the addiction professionals offer one-on-one counseling for their clients after they have completed rehab. A relationship with a Chemical Dependency Therapist that continues for 1-2 years after rehab increases the chances of recovery from addiction.

Once Rehab Ends the Real Work Begins

2. 12 Step Recovery Group

Nothing so much ensures recovery from addiction as one alcoholic/addict working with another. Since the 1940’s programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have been helping millions of men and women find and maintain recovery from addiction. Participation in these programs gives the addicted individual the greatest possibility of attaining many years of sobriety post rehab.

1. A Sponsor
Being simply a member of a 12-step program is rarely enough to support a full and permanent sober life. Individuals who have the greatest success in recovery from addiction attain a mentor or what AA calls a sponsor. This is a person who has struggled with addiction in the past and has be sober for a reasonable period. This person has completed all 12 steps of addiction recovery groups and is in most cases the addict or alcoholics number one source of support.

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