A Letter to My Addict

A Letter to My Addict

A Letter to My Addict

While I was active in my addiction, I was far too self-absorbed and singularly focused to notice or understand how deeply and significantly my actions were impacting my parents. My poor parents, who has watched me transform from a sweet, generous, fun-loving child into a cigarette-smoking, hateful, self-destructive young adult. I remember watching my mother cry, thinking that probably it was strange that I was so detached from my emotional self that no feelings of sadness or remorse were evoked. None whatsoever – I felt nothing. Causing others pain had become the norm, in fact. Watching my loved ones cry and beg and ask me “why” had become so run-of-the-mill that it didn’t even phase me. I was a calloused and unfeeling alcoholic, never caring to look behind me to see the vast destruction I was constantly leaving in my wake.

Surely, the parents of young addicts and alcoholics will be able to relate to the letter below – a letter written by the father of a young man who had been overwhelmed by addiction at the age of 14.

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A Letter to My Addicted Son

Dear Matt,

You, my addict, have been using drugs since you were 14, one third of your life. My addict was supremely confident, you could do drugs and function in your daily life, no one was going to tell you different.

My addict never thought about what he was doing to the rest of us, you were oblivious to who you hurt along the way because my addict was deaf and blind. Your mom and I spent countless hours worried about you, our addict. We spent immeasurable time trying to support you in any way and every way we could possibly think of, stupidly we were really just supporting our addict and not our son, he was already gone. I had the best son in the world – loving, caring, good student, great athlete, and then the addict took him. My addict, he was the best quitter in the world, he quit school, quit his friends, quit his job, quit lacrosse, quit his family and quit life. My addict was the best of all liars, he was equal opportunity, he lied to one and all, but without a doubt my most painful memories were watching my addict tell lie after lie to my son. My boy believed everything the addict told him, none of us could do anything to counter the logic of my addict, he was “Oz”, all knowledgeable and all powerful, we were helpless against him and I stood by as my addict gutted the life of my son, my family, and everyone connected to him. My addict was a thief, he stole from those who loved him, he stole from those who gave to him willingly, he stole from the innocent, he stole from the family and worst of all he stole from my son.

I know where the addict lives, I know he lives through intentions and not actions. I will always remember the look and feel of his lifeless soul and empty heart, I know this thief who stole my son and what he looks like. He cannot hide from me, I know him, he is not welcome in my world.

How to Cope With an Addicted Son or Daughter

Coping with an addicted child can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we at Lighthouse Recovery Institute have developed a program of addiction recovery that deals closely with the family members of the afflicted. For more information on our family program, please call one of our trained representatives today.

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