ACI Specialty Benefits (ACI EAP) Rehab Facilities for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

ACI Specialty Benefits (ACI EAP) Rehab Facilities for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

lighthouse recovery instituteIt is often a very difficult decision finding the ideal treatment center for an individual struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. When a person you love finally enters a state of reasonable thinking and becomes open-minded to reach out for help, they desperately need to a friend, family member or addiction professional. It is also imperative to act quickly.

When looking for a drug or alcohol rehab that will accept your ACI Specialty Benefits, or ACI EAP plan, for inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment it is important to make sure that you are open to expanding your search.

ACI Specialty Benefits has ranked numerous times over the last several years in the nations top 12 EAPS. What does that mean for you? This means that this program is a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs providing services for drug rehab and alcohol rehab for their members. These include treatment centers near you and here at Lighthouse Recovery Institute as well as our licensed drug counselors at our Florida drug rehab who accept ACI insurance.

Members of ACI EAP who are looking for drug rehab in Florida or alcohol rehab in Florida can find help they have been searching for with our compassionate and caring treatment center. The first step towards a life of wellness and recover for anyone who has been struggling with abuse or addiction is detox under medical supervision.

We understand that there are steps you can take to get the coverage you need to help get your inpatient treatment stay covered. You can pick up the phone and dial Lighthouse Recovery Institute directly and speak to one of our qualified staff members who will eagerly work alongside a representative at ACI to ensure that you get the authorization to cover your inpatient treatment. With licensed drug and alcohol counselors, licensed mental health counselors and licensed certified addiction professionals working on your behalf, ACI Specialty Benefits Plan will honor the benefits within your policy.

Our qualified professionals with years of experience will help you every step of the way and make sure that you get the help you need as fast and efficiently as possible. Do not let the willingness you currently have toward entering drug rehab be ruffled by anything standing in your way!

How Long does my ACI Specialty Benefits Plan Pay for Rehab?

As soon as you call and speak to a qualified addiction professional, you will begin your journey towards a life of recovery. You will complete an assessment with a staff member who will tailor an individualized treatment plan to best meet your needs. This will range from topics such as prior drug and/or alcohol use, mental health concerns, family involvement or any other important information to work on your behalf with ACI EAP.

The first level of drug rehab care is known as detox, which is covered for the individual because of medical necessity. This is needed to safely can get off the substances they have become dependent upon or abusing. After the detox is complete, ACI will cover you for inpatient rehab or partial hospitalization drug rehab or alcohol rehab. This length of care is based on how long the individual needs treatment and how you are progressing.

The only thing to do to find the best drug or alcohol treatment center for you that accepts ACI Specialty Benefits Plan is to call today and speak to an addiction professional now at 561-381-0015.

Will ACI Specialty Benefits Plan Pay for Both Inpatient as well as Outpatient Rehab?

After drug addiction treatment is complete for an inpatient drug rehab near you or even out of state, ACI EAP offers coverage for outpatient rehab. This is also known as an intensive outpatient program or IOP for short. This allows an individual to step back down into a less restrictive level of care and transition back into their life while still having the structure they need of drug rehab counselors.

The on-going counseling, drug testing, individual sessions and other services allow the individual to have better outcomes and higher changes of success of staying in recovery this effective outcome is why ACI pays for outpatient drug rehab and outpatient alcohol rehab at Lighthouse Recovery Institute. We work side-by-side with the insurance company to make sure that you have the best chances of reaching all of your goals.

For more information on Lighthouse Recovery Institute and all our various programs that accept ACI Specialty Benefits Plan or ACI EAP, call and speak to us today.

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