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Addiction Being A Disease: Our Drug Rehab Outlines Surprising Details

Despite the fact that almost every American knows someone with a drinking or drug problem, myths and misconceptions about addiction continue to run rampant. Many individuals are not aware that addiction is a disease. Awareness and understanding are two powerful weapons in the battle to combat addiction in America. Today, we will look at some different addiction facts to help clear up common misunderstandings.

Addiction is indeed a Disease

Those on the outside of alcohol or drug addiction will often label an addict as weak or morally reprehensible. In actuality, certain people react to addictive substances in a way that leaves them with virtually no control over their actions. Just like someone who has another life-threatening disease would seek medical help, it’s imperative that addicts seek out our addiction treatment center.

There’s No Clear Understanding of Addiction’s Cause

We have established that addiction is a disease but the cause of that disease varies. Most experts say that genetics make up about half of a person’s risk of developing an addiction to alcohol or other substances. Those with family members who have struggled with addiction should be extra careful before choosing to consume alcohol or accepting pain medication. Trauma, family history, and social pressure are also noted root causes of addiction. 

Addiction Can Come in Many Forms

Our addiction treatment center focuses on alcohol and narcotic addictions, but addictions can include anything that disrupts a person’s life and leads to a loss of control. These addictions can include:

a. Caffeine
b. Gambling
c. The Internet
d. Shopping
e. Hoarding
f. Sex
g. Video Games

Unsupervised Recovery Can Be Deadly

Choosing to break free of addiction isn’t enough. Those who struggle with addiction should choose an addiction treatment center (and we hope you choose ours) to help them through withdrawal symptoms that can not only be unpleasant but dangerous. Professionals should be present to help addicts with their insomnia, body pain, wild mood swings, nausea and more.

Connect With An Online Recovery Community

Recovery from Addiction is Possible At All Stages

One of the main reasons an addict chooses not to seek out an addiction treatment center is a feeling of hopelessness. This feeling of isolation usually stems from feeling that they are too deep into the addiction to turn things around. We have helped people who have just started to notice their addiction as well as people who have struggled with addiction for years and years. No matter how far into an addiction, help is always out there.

We look forward to the opportunity to help all willing individuals take back control of their lives and well-being. If you or someone you know is looking to break free of the chains of addiction, give one of our addiction professionals a call at (866) 308-2090.

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