The Real Effects of Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

We are proud to help parents who have identified issues with teen alcohol and drug abuse and acted fast to help them during a critical time in their mental, emotional, social and physical development. Urgency is imperative when it comes to the motivation to seek help. Today, we will examine some of the developmental issues that can occur for teens who develop a dependency for drugs and alcohol.

Effects of Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

#1 –Increases Likelihood of Abuse in Future Years – Much like a lot of other things in life, what we do in our youth often shapes our futures. Alcohol use impacts brain development during our youth and makes addictions harder to break. The earlier a person begins to binge drink, the more likely they are to develop the habit for life. #2 – Risky Sexual Behavior – Teen dependency with drugs and alcohol is directly related to an increase in unexpected pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Not only are teens more willing to get involved in sexual activities earlier because of their alcohol or drug use, but they are also less likely to practice safe sex. #3 – Falling Behind in School – The more a teenager gets involved with drugs and alcohol, the more likely they are to avoid school and/or drop out entirely. Even if a student continues with their schooling, they are more likely to receive lower grades and limit their options of colleges that are available to them. #4 – Drop in Extracurricular Activities – As competition to get in a good college increases, many students boost their “resumes” through attendance in extracurricular activities. A dependency on drugs and alcohol will quickly drop a person’s attendance and effectiveness in this activity. High school sports must be monitored as well. Many teens feel a pressure to perform better and can turn to pain pills or performance enhancing drugs, which can have serious medical consequences. #5 – Developments of Serious Health Issues – Substance abuse is the leading cause of accidental death and injury for teenagers. Teens who abuse substances during adolescence and continue their dependency into adulthood increase their risk of developing chronic diseases, which include heart diseases and severe cardiovascular issues. If you have a teen who has developed an issue with alcohol and drug abuse, it’s not too late to get them the help they need that could change the direction of their life forever. Call (866) 308-2090 to learn how our addiction treatment facility can assist in the rehabilitation process.

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