My Sisters Wedding: A Bad Excuse For Not Going To Drug Rehab

My Sisters Wedding: A Bad Excuse For Not Going To Drug Rehab

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Your Sisters Wedding Is Not a Good Excuse to Skip Drug Treatment

If I had a dime for every time someone tried to use their sister’s wedding as an excuse for not going to drug rehab I would have enough money to pay for all of my sister’s weddings and I have 3 of them! I know, it sounds like a weird excuse, something that might not come up all that much, but trust me… this is one we hear at substance abuse centers all the time. Before we break down in comprehensive detail how ridiculous of an excuse this is, we thought it would be a good Idea to show some of the skeptics what it looks like when you invite a practicing alcoholic to a wedding. Enjoy.

Now, after that command performance we could really just write – The End. However, if you or the one you love is a true alcoholic and addict like me, then you probably need a few more examples as to why skipping rehab to go to a wedding is a terrible idea. If one video of a drunk person was enough to exact change, I would have been sober over 30 years by now. So here you go, a thorough break down and step-by-step analysis of why using your sisters wedding as excuse for not going to drug rehab is a deadly decision.

But It Will Ruin Her Wedding If I’m In Drug Rehab

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Listen, I’m sure that your sister loves you very much. I know that you guys have memories upon memories of growing up together, playing house, getting pretend married to your stuffed teddy. You dreamed of getting married to Joey Fatone and she would wed Justin Timberlake. You’ve spent years planning all the details of this big day and your absence from the festivities would be devastating. You know what, that may be true. I’ll give it to you, but if this wedding meant so much to you then why didn’t you place the love for your sister in front of your drug addiction. The reason is that you are suffering from the disease of addiction and you cannot stop. If you could, you would have gone to rehab 6 months before the wedding to make 100% sure that you were at your peak medical and mental state.

But you didn’t go to rehab and that is your fault. All you can do now is make sure there is 0% chance you ruin this wedding and the only way to do that is to go to rehab. What if you got high and passed out on the dance floor. What if you gave the maid of honor speech while slurring your worlds? Or what if you tear the entire tent down in a drunken wedding Dance Dance Revolution competition. If you are still waist deep in your addiction the best gift you can give your sister on her wedding day is the gift of peace of mind, knowing that you are not going to ruin her big day.

Everyone at The Wedding Will Know I’m A Drug Addict If I’m In Rehab

New flash – there is a very, very, very, very good chance that everyone already knows that you are in fact a drug addict. Like a very good chance. Today most people know the signs of a drug addict when they see them. They spend a lot of time alone, lose interest in the things they love, always look disheveled, are always sad or depressed, nervous or cranky, have problems at work, steal money out of all the purses, etc. You’ve known these family members for many years, you’re not fooling anyone. At this point they will most likely be thrilled to hear you are in rehab. Today most people have a clear and compassionate view of addiction. Sure some still look at the disease model with skepticism, but most understand. Do not be worried about everyone knowing the worst kept secret in the family. They will support you, they will help you and they will admire you for making the difficult choice to, for the first time ever, put you happiness a side so that your sister can have her big day free from the concerns of your addiction.

Can I Go to The Wedding If I Promise Not to Get Drunk or High

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Alcoholics Anonymous says that alcoholism is cunning, baffling and powerful. It has the ability to destroy the best of intentions and the most beautiful festivities. If you have never once in your life gotten drunk or high when you didn’t plan on getting drunk or high… you can go to your sisters wedding and not drug rehab – because you are not an alcoholic. Every addict I have ever known has the uncanny ability to get wasted at the wrong time. I know, right now it sounds crazy to think that you would even take one drop of beer or champagne on the big day, but you will. As soon as you notice that no one is looking or as soon as you bump into that one relative that pisses you off, the phenomenon of craving will hit and you’ll have your head in your hands wondering how you got drunk… again. Oh, don’t even try, “the alcohol was never my thing”, excuse. Once our drug of choice is removed we inevitably turn to alcohol. Once a drug addict always an alcoholic.

If I’m In Rehab I Won’t Be in The Family Wedding Pictures

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Nope, you sure won’t. Yes for years and years you will have to look at those pictures and be reminded that you were not at the wedding because you were in rehab and you’ll say, “That was the best decision I ever made.” Yeah for a few years it might sting to see the images of you not at the biggest day in your sisters life, but trust me the longer you stay sober the more important that choice will become. It won’t feel like a wound it will feel like a source of pride. It will be known as the best day in your life too. The day you finally began to enjoy yourself and began to enjoy sobriety.

When we get sober we learn healthy self-control and find an inner freedom. If you choose to go to the wedding and use it as an excuse for not going to drug rehab you may never know the true happiness that awaits you. There could be another big event right around the corner and in this new set of pictures you could be standing there head held high and brimming with confidence, a pillar of health and integrity. When that happens no one will be talking about the pictures you were not in. They will only be talking about how great you looked in the pictures you were in.

My Sister’s Wedding Cost So Much Money They Can’t Afford Treatment Now

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Stop trying to be the hero. Go to at least an Intensive outpatient treatment center (IOP) and get some help and stop trying to use money as an excuse for not going to drug rehab. If you have health insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield your entire treatment could be paid for. Many treatment centers take insurance and this would cost nothing to you or your parents so I’m not going to spend another moment discussing this. Plus, (it looks like I am going to spend another minute) your family would gladly shell out money to keep you sober and with flexible spending plans available it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

If I Miss the Wedding My Family Will Never Forgive Me

If you die, then they’ll never forgive you.

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