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a woman enjoys a glass of water in detox

Benefits of Detox

Lifelong recovery from addiction begins with a thorough medical detox and therapy sessions at a quality treatment center. The primary benefits of detox include successfully combating the painful withdrawal symptoms and restoring emotional well-being. A quality drug detox in Florida can even help you get your life back on track. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, seek help at Lighthouse Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox in Florida.

For those with mild to severe symptoms of addiction, or in the case of an overdose, medical detox is often the first line of treatment to repair the physical body. Thus, opting for medical detox is often the bravest step you can take to create a better and healthier life for yourself. To know more about the benefits of detox or quality services in drug detox in Florida, call us at 866.308.2090.

Benefits of Detox

Completing a medical detox prepares patients for the next stage in recovery. Some of the unique benefits of detox are described below:

Rid Your Body of Toxins

First and foremost, a detox cleanses the body of all harmful substances. Drugs can wreak havoc on one’s system, damaging the internal organs and altering brain chemistry. Thus, medical detox is the best way to reverse the poisonous effects of a substance.

Fight Withdrawal Safely

It is never advisable to quit drugs cold turkey on one’s own. By regularly consuming drugs, the body develops a chemical dependence on the substance, requiring more and more of it to function normally. Thus, by suddenly stopping the supply, one can suffer dangerous side effects, including a coma or seizures.

However, at a professional rehab, detox is performed with medical assistance, where the patient’s comfort is the highest priority. To minimize the cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms, doctors frequently administer other medicines to slowly wean the patient off the drug and ease the transition to normal life.

At the end of the detox, withdrawals usually subside, and the patient is ready to commit to sobriety.

Improve Your Physical Health

The detox also improves the client’s physical health. It undoes some of the damage already done by the drugs while preparing the body to heal anew. The body can finally relax, and it isn’t uncommon for clients to have renewed energy and motivation for life at the end of treatment.

Increase Quality of Life

Addiction impacts one’s mental health to a high degree. They may also struggle financially, face unemployment, or be ostracized by the community. The addiction can trap them in a vicious downward spiral as they feel increasingly isolated.

Thus, by choosing and completing detox, one can drastically improve their quality of life. After detox, many clients report having woken up from a haze with a conscious desire to change their lives for the better.

Kickstart Your Recovery Journey

Detox is one of the early steps toward recovery and wellness, and it is definitely a vital one. It resets the body to function normally and prepares the groundwork for future healing. After detox, the patient is more likely to be self-aware and receive therapeutic support and guidance to develop healthier habits and coping mechanisms.

Find Help and Healing at Lighthouse Recovery’s Drug Detox in Florida

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer a variety of intensive and outpatient services aimed at addiction recovery. With our 90-day treatment and aftercare plans, Florida residents and other clients can enjoy intensive care, medical attention, and therapeutic support at every stage of the recovery journey. From partial hospitalization and outpatient care to trauma therapy, our addiction treatment programs are carefully customized to match your budget and unique needs.

It is never too late to seek help. Call us at 866.308.2090 and get help for addiction today.

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