Is Kava Addicting? Is Kava a Relapse?

Is Kava Addicting? Is Kava a Relapse?

Kava: Addicting or Harmless?

is kava addicting

A Brief Background on Kava Addiction

With the influx of kava bars and the controversy surrounding this mysterious drink, kava has become a frequent topic of conversation in recovery circles. Newcomers and old-timers alike may wonder if kava is a relapse, or if it’s safe for someone in recovery. In fact, many people in recovery have asked the question – is kava addicting?

While kava root has been used for centuries in the Western Pacific, where it grows naturally, it’s only a recent addition to the American drug scene.

Kava root is commonly used to brew tea, which people drink for its sedative properties. In a more traditional form, the kava root is simply chewed. In modern research, kava is described as having the “potential for addiction” due to the mild calm and euphoria it produces.

Interesting stuff, but it doesn’t answer the question – is kava addicting? Let’s find out.

Can you overdose on kava?

Is Kava Addicting?

The above information makes kava seem relatively harmless. It’s been used for centuries and its effects are mild. Besides, when has tea even been bad? There are a thousand justifications for drinking kava. For the average person, there’s nothing insidious about the drink. But addicts and alcoholics aren’t average people!

Most people can go to a bar and have a beer. Most people can drink a glass of wine with dinner. Some people can even smoke marijuana, or take other drugs, without suffering mental, spiritual or physical consequences. However, for the addict and alcoholic, none of that’s true. We’ve tried to convince ourselves, and everyone else, that we can drink and use drugs like normal people. That’s simply not the truth.

That’s really what lies at the heart of the kava controversy. For addicts and alcoholics, there’s no normal kava consumption. Just like that one beer, or that single joint, a cup of kava is only the beginning. For someone seeking long-term sobriety and true recovery, substances like kava have to be seen for what they are – mind altering drugs that’ll lead the addict to their original drug of choice.

So, is kava addicting? For addicts and alcoholics, the answer is a resounding YES.

The idea of kava as a tea that can be enjoyed in a fun little bar makes it all the more dangerous. Kava presents a powerful reminder that we have to be vigilant. We can’t safely use mind or mood altering substances in any form, even if that form seems harmless or fun.

The Reality of Kava Addiction

The conclusion across the board is yes, kava is a relapse. Any justifications for drinking kava are products of our unique addict ability to deny what’s clear to everyone else. So, to avoid the same old cycle, addicts and alcoholics must avoid kava.

How to find out if you’re addicted to kava/kratom

Addiction to Kava, or any other substance, is a complicated and often misunderstood disorder. Quality addiction treatment requires a comprehensive and compassionate approach. Fortunately, that’s where Lighthouse Recovery Institute steps in.

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