Is Gaming a Real Addiction?

Is Gaming a Real Addiction?

Video Game Addiction

Addiction is quickly taking over the US. Many people are getting addicted to substances and alcohol, but there have recently been new addictions that researchers are discovering can be dangerous and even deadly. Some of these addictions that require treatment are eating disorders, porn addiction, Internet addiction, and now video game addiction. How serious is video game addiction and does it have any effect on the brain?

How Video Games Affect The Brain

According to behavioral scientists, we learn by mimicking others. This is how we become socialized. It is how children learn at such a young age, but adults still learn this way also. The same way of learning works with video games.

Gaming is considered a real addiction and it does affect the brain. The main part that is affected is dexterity. This is our skill that connects our reflex time with our brain to our hands. Video games increase dexterity. When we play video games, our hands and mind our being shaped. But there are also negative effects towards excessive gaming. Dopamine is released when video gaming. The more we play, the more dopamine is released which makes an impact on our brains.

This give people trouble focusing and concentrating because dopamine is a chemical that contributes to concentrating and learning. When there is a lot of dopamine being released, it will make it hard to concentrate.

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Research on Video Games

From the research done on video games, scientists have found that everyone experiences video games differently. For example, those who play MMORPG tend to become more anti-social in the real world because they are socializing so much online while others aren’t affected as much.

There are many different types of video games that anyone will be able to find a style of gaming they like. Now you can play games on your television, computer, tablet, and phone. With all the devices available and different types of games to choose from, it is easy to see why video game addiction can become a real thing.

In the end, gaming can be both beneficial and harmful; it all depends on the person.

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