Klonopin Addiction: The Real Deal Facts and Statistics

Klonopin Addiction: The Real Deal Facts and Statistics


Written By: Fiona Stockard

Klonopin Addiction Facts and Statistics

klonopin addiction facts

The astronomical rise in prescription drug use in America brings with it a host of side effects. One of these is the abuse of anti-anxiety medications like Klonopin. There are many reasons for these false Klonopin addiction facts and skewed Klonopin addiction statistics.

One reasons is the simple volume of Klonopin addiction facts out there. There’s a wealth on information available regarding Klonopin, but how much of it’s accurate? Which Klonopin addiction facts are true and which Klonopin addiction statistics matter?

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Klonopin Addiction Facts

Find seven Klonopin addiction facts below:

• Klonopin first came onto the market in 1975 and was hailed as a cure-all. In fact, it was used to treat and prevent Valium addiction.

• Klonopin is among the longest acting benzo’s. This means it doesn’t produce a strong “high,” but lasts significantly longer than other benzo’s.

• Because of its long duration of action, Klonopin is thought to present less risk for physical dependence than other benzo’s.

• However, Klonopin is currently the second most abused benzo (Xanax is first).

• Today, Klonopin is used more frequently than any other benzo in alcohol and drug detoxes.

• Klonopin has been shown to increase the risk of suicidal thoughts in patients.

• Drug agencies estimate that a single Klonopin tablet costs between five and ten dollars on the street.

Klonopin Addiction Statistics

Find six Klonopin addiction statistics below:

• Studies show that Klonopin is responsible for approximately 33,000 ER visits per year. In 2006, this number reached 33,557.

• Prescription drugs are the second most abused type of drug (marijuana’s the first). While there aren’t exact statistics on where Klonopin falls within this category, it’s safe to say it’s being abused.

• About a quarter of all Klonopin tablets used for recreational purposes are bought from a street dealer rather than a doctor.

• 50% of patients using Klonopin as medically prescribed reported experiencing drowsiness.

• 30% of patients using Klonopin as medically prescribed reported experiencing ataxia (poor motor control).

• 25% of patients using Klonopin as medically prescribed reported experiencing significant behavior problems (making inappropriate comments, etc.).

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What Do These Klonopin Addiction Facts and Statistics Mean For You?

That’s a good question, just what do these facts about Klonopin addiction mean?

First, and most importantly, they show that despite Klonopin being thought of as relatively safe, it isn’t. Maybe people think Klonopin’s safe because it was marketed as a treatment for Valium addiction. Maybe they think it’s safe because it has a long half-life and doesn’t produce a strong high. Whatever the reason, it simply isn’t true that Klonopin’s safe.

Second, these facts about Klonopin addiction show that it’s a major problem. That’s kind of obvious though, right? Wrong. If people assume Klonopin’s safe, despite it sending over 30,000 individuals to the ER each year, than we have a major problem on our hands!

Finally, these facts about Klonopin addiction show that something needs to be done. As Klonopin abuse and addiction continue to gain popularity, we should see an increased awareness about the dangers of Klonopin. There are also celebrities openly speaking about these dangers, notably Stevie Nicks.

How bad is the prescription pill epidemic in the United States?

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