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Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

When a man is suffering from substance abuse, it will affect every area of their life. Their work, families, and friendships will feel the burden of the addiction. As with anyone with an addiction issue, men frequently try to avoid treatment due to pride or family obligations. Reaching out to a men’s addiction treatment center can be the first step in your recovery journey.

However, with comprehensive addiction treatment, drug rehab can help men address specific issues attributing to their substance use. For example, therapy can help men develop and implement behavior changes such as learning impulsivity control, developing healthy coping skills, and learning stress management tools. 

One considerable problem that men experience is that they believe they are not allowed to be emotional. In a men’s addiction treatment center, this peer pressure isn’t welcomed. The stigma of displaying emotions appears as a personal weakness. As a result, asking for help for life-threatening issues such as addiction often creates barriers to treatment due to immense fear of judgment. 

For some men, it’s difficult to overcome feelings like vulnerability, regret, denial, and inadequacy. These emotional expectations are unrealistic and can cause long term psychological damage.

Why Choose a Men’s Drug Rehab Center?

Men and women are different when it comes to treating substance abuse, trauma, and mental health. That is why it is imperative to find a men’s addiction treatment center that understands the unique and specific challenges men face during therapy. 

Low self-esteem, trauma, mental health issues, and anger are just a few of the critical problems impacting young males recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. When you come to an addiction treatment center who specializes in men’s addiction treatment, you receive the therapy necessary to overcome these challenges without the fear of judgment.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Types Of Treatment Services In Men’s Addiction Treatment Programs

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, there are different levels of care that men can walk through as they become ready to take hold of drug addiction. Being diligent and matching patients with the appropriate level is part of the services we offer to each patient that enters our doors. 

Starting with Detox

The very first step to take when deciding to treat drug and alcohol addiction is detox. Generally, medical detox is a process that occurs at a licensed facility for patient safety, with 24/7 oversight. This process removes toxins from the body and also supports patients for other levels of care for addiction treatment. We can help you choose a facility that will work best for your particular needs at the time of admission.  

Men’s Group Therapy

Continuing to pursue addiction treatment even after finishing more intensive programs can help ensure lifelong recovery. Part of the treatment process for substance abuse is group therapy, medication management, and also case management services. Engaging with people that have walked and are currently walking the path to recovery is crucial to success. 

Men’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Men with moderate addictions or that complete detox and inpatient drug rehab may participate in outpatient treatment programs. These drug rehabilitation programs allow patients to live at home or in recovery residences. Generally, men visit the addiction treatment facility for individual and group sessions a few times a week. Because patients live at home, outpatient care typically allows for a little more freedom. 

Find A Men’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program That’s Right for You

Our staff works with our male patients to develop and design individual treatment plans. Our men’s addiction treatment center blends holistic modalities with evidence-based treatment models addressing the mental and emotional causes of addiction, reducing the risk of relapse. Lighthouse Recovery Institute wants to take the next steps of your recovery journey with you. Contact us if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and want more information about our Men’s Treatment Program.

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