The Most Dangerous Addiction: Methamphetamine Addiction

The Most Dangerous Addiction: Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction Stories

Methamphetamine is an insane drug. It’s true that all drugs are deadly in an addict’s hands, and that many are deadly whether you’re addicted or not, but meth holds a special place in the upper echelon of illicit substances.

It’s synthesized by street chemists, from a variety of substances no sane human would ever ingest. Hell, even insane humans would shy away from battery acid, drain cleaner, and liters of cough medicine. Yet meth addiction continues to ravage our country and pop up in others. So what is the allure, exactly, of such a dirty drug?



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Even Other Addicts are Afraid of Meth

For the non-addict, and even for many addicts who have never done meth and only know its stigma (the rotting teeth, the scabbed face, and so on), the idea of ever snorting, smoking or shooting such a substance is nothing short of insane.

For the addict inclined towards stimulants, however, or for those who came by meth on accident (a friend or dealer saying “I don’t have coke, but I have something you’ll like better”), the stigma and warnings and fears don’t mean anything. This is because the incredibly intense, and long lasting, high from meth speaks for itself.

Never mind the loss of the following, usually in this order:
1. Sleep
2. Weight
3. Job
4. Money
5. Family
6. Sanity

Meth destroys any emotions that make the user think twice about what they’re losing. You could argue all drugs rob the addict of human emotions and cares, which to some extent is true, but what makes meth so dangerous is its intensity. It slowly creeps in. At first, it might even improve some things. Maybe you lose weight. Maybe your apartment is spotless because you can’t sleep and have so much energy. Maybe you do it on the weekends and all is well.

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When Methamphetamine Addiction Takes Over

And then, unlike most other drugs, there’s permanent and irreversible brain damage. A prolonged depression during which NOTHING is pleasurable. Most other substances, including heroin and alcohol, let the user feel better after a few weeks or months drug-free. The same can’t be said for meth.

The repair process is longer because the brain is attempting to regenerate, attempting to create naturally the chemicals which meth introduces in such massive and rapid quantities. So, the time it takes to recuperate can make meth a particularly dangerous drug. It’s true that recovering from any addiction is a labor of commitment and discipline. However, recovering from meth addiction requires much more commitment and discipline. To this end, meth addicts have the highest rate of relapse.

Getting honest about meth and the way it changes brain chemistry is vital to recovery from meth addiction.

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