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Lighthouse Recovery Institute Participates in The Dr. Pat Show to Discuss the Opioid Crisis

Brittany Ringersen, CEO of Lighthouse Recovery Institute, spoke about the opioid crisis in The Dr. Pat Show with Dr. Pat Baccili recently. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a drug and alcohol rehab center that focuses on addiction’s underlying issues. Using an elaborate treatment plan, each individual develops their own set of goals and objectives. As a result, these goals ensure that recovery is long-lasting.

In 2017, the Opioid Crisis was declared by the President as a Health Emergency. Due to a lack of funding and a lack of resources, the opiate death toll continues to rise. Additionally, communities standing behind the phrase, “Not in my Back Yard” create barriers for new drug rehabilitation centers to open. Thus, it is unclear when the tide will turn individuals and families in dire need of addiction treatment programs.

Causes of the Opiate Epidemic 

Individuals who suffer from opiate addiction may struggle with prescription pills or heroin addiction. Doctors and physicians overprescribe medications and lack appropriate follow-up procedures.

However, there are legitimate reasons to obtains a narcotic drug. But, the number of individuals receiving these medications is leading to an epidemic in America. As a result, more individuals are struggling with opiate addiction; then there are options.

Opiate Drug Rehabs

Individuals struggling with opiate addiction find that entry into an opiate drug rehab is challenging. Many states and counties want to limit the number of treatment centers in a geographical area. For example, New Hampshire Addiction Treatment Centers and Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Rehabs are fewer in number than Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehabs.

As a result, there are not enough beds in drug rehabs to help individuals struggling with addiction. The stigma of addiction is an underlying cause of this barrier. Generally, many communities have a false belief that addicts in the neighborhood will lead to an increase in crime rates and be a hindrance to community resources. Thus, the solution to the Opioid Crisis is as a society. Then we overcome the false narrative related to drug and alcohol addiction.

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