Premera BCBS Health Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Premera BCBS Health Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Premera Covers Addiction Treatment Rehab

Premera BCBS Rehab Coverage

Premera Covers Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to residents of Palm Beach County and nearby areas. Our desire to help as many people as possible is why we strive to work alongside many insurance companies. One of the insurance companies we have chosen to work with is Premera Blue Cross. Generally, Premera covers addiction treatment rehab services.

The cost of addiction treatment continues to increase annually. The reality is that getting help for alcohol and drug addiction can get expensive and complicated. Without getting help for addiction, people who suffer from substance use disorders put their mental and physical health in jeopardy.

Addiction is a disease, and like any other condition, it requires treatment for recovery. As a result, health insurance companies offer policies with benefits for substance abuse treatment. However, each policy and insurance carrier has its guidelines and restrictions. Hence, why it is critical to understand the policy you have and what you qualify for in terms of treatment.

Why is Premera BCBS Rehab Coverage so Important For Addiction Treatment?

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, or Premera BCBS for short, offers several health insurance policies. BCBS has a history of covering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. However, the type of coverage and out-of-pocket expenses all depend on the type of plan the policyholder has.

When highly recommended drug and alcohol rehab centers accept Premera BCBS, it lowers the cost of drug rehab. Unfortunately, even though mental health and addiction is often a life-threatening situation, many people cannot afford it without the help of a health insurance company like Premera BCBS.

Premera BCBS is an insurance company that understands addiction as a disease but also as a treatable condition. Whether it is an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Premera BCBS works hard to provide its policyholders with competitive benefits. Depending on the type of plan, inpatient treatment at some rehab centers could be entirely covered. In addition to this, outpatient treatment programs may also receive Premera coverage for addiction rehabs.

Drug Rehabs That Take Premera BCBS?

It can be challenging to understand Premera coverage under your health insurance policy. There are also deductibles, co-insurance, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses to consider. Thus, trying to find out this information when you need treatment for addiction can be downright frustrating.

That’s why we are here to verify your health insurance benefits, whether you have a policy under Premera BCBS or another health insurance company. You can call our admissions specialists directly right now at 1-866-308-2090.  It is essential to understand what options are available to you for addiction treatment. The reality is that there are several drug and alcohol treatment options available. Generally, Premera covers addiction treatment at our Florida rehab center.

Premera Covered Addiction Treatment Rehab

Lighthouse Recovery Institute covers an array of treatment options. We offer inpatient addiction treatment as well as an outpatient treatment for addiction. Additionally, treatment consists of a very personal, research-backed, and evidenced-based approach. Medication-assisted treatment is also available when deemed appropriate by our team of medical professionals as well. Also known as MAT, this approach assists patients who have been unsuccessful with their recovery after several attempts. MAT helps patients wean off certain drugs over a more extended period than a traditional taper would during standard medical detoxification.

Premera BCBS health insurance generally covers addiction treatment for opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines in which MAT treatment is standard. While there are many addiction treatment centers to choose from, we are confident in the quality of care we provide. Before considering any treatment program, you will want to verify that Premera covers the addiction treatment at the rehab. Additionally, you should also find out what other expenses are associated with the treatment program.

So, let our addiction specialists do the work for you. Contact our admissions specialists, and we will let you know if you qualify for one of our programs. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a quality treatment center that works on rebuilding patients. Our focus is on helping them work through their addictions and achieve their goals. After all, we are an addiction treatment center that focuses on the patients. For more information on Premera addiction treatment or our Florida Rehab, call us today.

Call 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE  to speak to one of our experienced and compassionate outreach and admission coordinators today.

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