The Signs and Symptoms of Pain Pill Addiction: When to Get Help

The Signs and Symptoms of Pain Pill Addiction: When to Get Help

Pain Pill Addiction

Opioids are prescription drugs used to treat and reduce pain. They do this by decreasing the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain. Many people also report a sense of euphoria after taking opioid pills. This euphoric feeling is the problem – people like it and want more. To put it another way, pain pill addiction is a growing concern among people everywhere.

Medications which fall into the opioid class include: Hydrocodone (Vicodin), Oxycodone (OxyContin, Roxicodone, Percocet), Morphine (Kadian), Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Codeine (Tylenol 3’s), and others.

Learn the difference between pain pill addiction and heroin addiction

pain pill addiction

Signs of Pain Pill Addiction

One common sign of an addiction to pain pills  is taking more than the recommended dose. This usually leads to the user refilling their prescription early, or calling the prescribing doctor early for an extra refill (often describing their pain as more intense than it really is). Having multiple occasions where the user calls the prescribing doctor and tells them their prescription has been lost or stolen should also be viewed as red flags.

Seeking Out Multiple Pain Pill Doctors

Doctor shopping and traveling long distances to refill prescriptions are other common signs of pain pill addiction. Doctor shopping is when one person has multiple doctors prescribing pain medication.

Other signs include:

-Having doctors in multiple states

-Purchasing pain pills illegally

-Claiming a doctor doesn’t prescribe enough

-Claiming the prescribed amount doesn’t work anymore

Pain Pill Addiction Side Effects

A common side effect of pain pill addiction is an extreme change in behavior. Think withdrawing from family, friends, or loved ones.

Another common side effect is depression. Think a lack of personal hygiene, losing interest in hobbies, becoming defensive if questioned, etc.

As an addict’s addiction progresses, they may resort to cheaper alternatives, namely heroin. You might begin to notice needle marks (track marks) on their arms.

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Pain Pill Addiction Behavior

Other physical signs of pain pill addiction include:

-Pinning of the pupils

-Severe weight loss or gain

-Nodding out of consciousness

-Appearing drowsy all the time

-Red eyes

-Frequent scratching

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Pain Pill Addiction Treatment

Of course, not all of these signs are necessary for someone to have a pain pill addiction. If you know someone you suspect might be abusing prescription pain pills, it’s strongly recommended to speak to addiction professionals. Remember, often no two addictions are alike!

Most of the time, addicts are in denial about their substance abuse issues and won’t want to talk about it. In treatment, they’ll be under the care of trained professionals who know how to handle the disease of addiction.

Are you or a loved one struggling with a pain pill addiction? Seek help at a gender-specific treatment center.



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