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Social Consequences of Drinking Alcohol

by | Last updated Oct 2, 2020 at 4:18PM | Published on May 22, 2020 | Health and Wellness


Social consequences? What do you mean by social consequences? I thought that drinking alcohol was a core requirement for being social! How could there be negative consequences for drinking alcohol?

If any of these thoughts even remotely crossed your mind when seeing this article title, then I highly recommended reading on because indeed, there often are a number of consequences to drinking alcohol. These consequences can be financial, career-wise, health-related, or social. In this article, we will specifically discuss the social consequences of drinking.

The Embarrassing Alcohol Blackout Moment

Have you ever gone out to a club or bar and drank a little – or a lot – too much alcohol? So much so that you wake up the next morning without a memory of how you got home, why your toe is bleeding, and who the person is in the bed next to you? That’s right, the infamous blackout.

You may not even realize that you are reaching your body’s limit until your judgment and memory are so badly impaired that you start to do things you would never do sober. You have so little control over your actions that you end up sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend, or your best friend. Maybe you spill a secret that causes pain to someone you love. Being unpredictable, the possibilities are literally endless.

In addition to the damage that alcohol does to your body and brain, it can really put a damper on your social standing. Friends may never look at you the same again once they see… well you know what they saw. These may be dramatized examples, but they get the point across that it is possible to end up doing something that does in fact have consequences on your standing in your friendship circle.

Your Family Is A Part Of Your Personal Society

The negative social consequences of drinking alcohol may go beyond friends to another critical aspect of one’s social circle: family. In fact, the effects of alcohol consumption on a family’s social circle can be more devastating than that of friends.

Family members may be more tolerant of the same questionable behaviors that could cause friendships to easily crumble, but family relationships are not indestructible. A loved one may be more likely to bite their tongue while their frustrations build.

However, once a family bond is broken, it can be extremely difficult to repair. Many who struggle with alcoholism end up needing family therapy as a part of their rehab program.

Alcohol and Isolation

The connection between alcohol and depression is undeniable. Although masses of people go out every Friday evening for happy hour, those who also struggle with depression may isolate themselves. Alcohol can perpetuate a state of depression, causing a plummet in one’s ability to maintain a social life. The vicious cycle of alcohol, depression, and isolation is best treated with the help of an alcohol treatment program.

Address Your Alcoholism & Save Your Social Life

Don’t let alcohol control your social life any longer. Take the reigns and do away with the negative consequences caused by drinking alcohol when you get help from Lighthouse Recovery Institute.



Stacey has been writing for Lighthouse Recovery Institute since late 2019. Her years of experience in the marketing industry as a content writer and SEO specialist, as well as her own family history with addiction allows Stacey to provide a unique insight into substance abuse.
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