Types of Addiction and Cross Addiction

Types of Addiction and Cross Addiction

There May Be Different Types of Addictions, But types of addictionThey All Result in the Same Thing

When people think about addiction, they usually think about addiction to a single drug like heroin or alcohol, and not the kind of addiction where a person can be hooked on multiple substances at once. These types of addiction are called cross addiction, and can get very complex and messy to treat. Like with all addictions, its better to get the help you need, and anyone can get help no matter how far down their rock bottom has become.

Crossing Different Types of Addictions

Often, cross addiction happens when a person is trying to get off of one substance, and ends up picking up another. For example, a person who used to do heroin and begins drinking, or an ex-drinker who picks up prescription pills. The drug of choice usually mimics the original addiction, and the user mistakenly thinks their new addiction may be less severe.

Well, the addiction to one substance almost always leads right back to the original drug of choice, or even worse, a person may begin to take multiple drugs all at the same time. Combining drugs can be extremely lethal because the toxins get to be too much for the user’s body and can result in an overload that causes the person to stop breathing and ultimately pass away if they aren’t lucky enough to be found in that state before it’s too late.

Prescription Medicine RecoveryThe Danger In Treating Drug Addiction With Drugs

A common way to treat drug addiction is by using other drugs to lessen the effects of withdrawal and help the process, but a big problem is that people are turning around getting hooked on the drugs they are getting treated with. An example of this would be treating heroin addiction with Suboxone, a highly addictive drug within itself that can turn a person’s life upside down. Suboxone is meant to help wean a person off of heroin, but if used for more than the recommended time or dose, addiction will occur to Suboxone as well.

The best thing for any drug or alcohol addict to do is stay away from any kinds of substances no matter what, because allowing yourself to become impaired whatsoever will lower your inhibitions and it may seem like a good idea to go use once again.

People in addiction need to realize that complete sobriety needs to be a way of life. One drug can’t be replaced with another, and a tendency towards substance abuse will always run through your veins.


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