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What Leads to Relapse and What Can Be Done About It

Rehab Centers Help Avoid Drug Relapse

It takes great courage to commit to quitting an addiction. Those with the bravery to enter an addiction treatment center are taking the first step towards bettering their lives. However, when deciding to get sober, the fear of drug relapse will almost certainly occur. Thoughts of “what happens do I do if I relapse on drugs?” are normal and shouldn’t discourage anyone on their recovery path.

The good news is that there are several different studies, which show the first ninety days in recovery are when the highest percentage of relapses take place. No one is ever truly entirely outside of the danger zone, but it does genuinely get more comfortable day after day. The decision to enter our drug rehab facility allows for individuals to receive monitoring and support during the worst part of their recovery journey.

Warning Signs of Drug Relapse

One of the main reasons it gets easier to avoid a drug relapse after the first ninety days is that it allows enough time for people to understand their triggers. A trigger can result in an urger to use. For example, there may be certain songs or programs that they enjoyed while using. Much like the concepts behind Pavlov’s dog, these songs or programs can trigger a strong urge in the brain to use drugs or drink alcohol.

Every user should write down triggers as they appear and do their best to eradicate them from their lives. Generally, deleting music from a playlist or unsubscribing from a channel can be incredibly empowering. Also, if a strong urge comes to repeat an old behavior, it speaks to a more significant problem. These feelings are not something anyone should shy away from completely. Information is power. Thus, knowing is half the battle. Recognition is also the only way to change behaviors and reach out for the necessary help. Listening to a song does not mean someone will have a drug relapse; however, understanding the urge or the feelings associated with the behavior is the key to recovery.

What Are My Treatment Options After a Drug Relapse?

After a drug relapse, there are several options available to you. Medical detox is necessary to manage withdrawal symptoms. A detox will depend on how long the relapse on drugs and alcohol lasted, and if withdrawal symptoms arise. Our drug rehab will develop a treatment program around what will best meet your needs. Our primary goal is to help get you back on the path to success. Also, one of the most empowering parts of joining our addiction treatment center is the sense of community. 

Addiction can lead people to incredibly lonely places. However, countless people have gone through very similar situations. Thus, a group therapy session has tremendous benefits in terms of individuals being able to relate to each other.

Our addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless individuals recognize triggers and identify warning signs of drug relapses. Our addiction professionals are available to help and can be reached today at (866) 308-2090.

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