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Coventry Health Care of Florida Employee Assistance Program for Drug Addiction

Most people stay away from drug rehab for the same reason — money. However, most people are unaware that if they have insurance through an employer, most likely, their insurance coverage includes addiction treatment costs. As a result of the Employee Assistance Program, millions of people can access healthcare coverage that provides drug addiction treatment.

If your policy is from Coventry Health Care of Florida, odds are it includes addiction treatment coverage. Learn more about Coventry Health Care of Florida’s Employee Assistance Program benefits and coverages. 

What Are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Every year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse publishes its National Survey of Drug Use and Health report. In 2018, the report found that addiction affects close to 164.8 people in the United States. On top of that, 1 in 5 people describes using illicit drugs in the past. Another report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), found that 47.6 million people also struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders.  

Thankfully, employee assistance programs (EAP) exist to help companies assist in the complexity of providing mental, physical, and emotional well-being assistance to their employees. By targeting struggles like alcohol and drug abuse, mental health disorders, and more in a safe and private environment, more employees seek help.

Even though these programs started to help employers keep the workplace drug-free, it’s employees, and their family members benefit the most.

Employee Assistance Programs Benefits

Don’t mistake EAPs for Worker’s Compensation; these are entirely different programs. In general, the most significant benefit is that EAPs are entirely confidential. Thus, employees have access to counseling, wellness services, and referrals to addiction treatment facilities to seek treatment through their EAP programs. While not all companies offer insurance with EAP coverage, the vast majority of those who do, offer their employees:

  • Access to confidential discussions about addiction and mental health struggles
  • Support to access assistance programs with 24/7 hotlines available
  • The support and access to resources that address substance abuse and mental health in the workforce and outside of it
  • Access to assistance programs that help employees reintegrate into the workforce upon treatment completion

Coventry Health Care of Florida Employee Assistance Program 101

Coventry Health Care of Florida offers an Employee Assistance Program through Aetna Mental Health Insurance Plans. Carriers of the plan can meet with counselors in-person, by phone, or video to discuss work, family, or personal issues. Then, counselors can provide legal assistance, financial help, and referrals to the necessary physicians to promote their well-being. Coventry Health Care of Florida EAP offers an extensive network of coverage.

The Coventry Health Care of Florida EAP policy gives employees access to:

  • Dedicated case managers
  • Collaborative provider relationships to enhance care
  • Enhanced digital tools for easy case access
  • Access to ongoing peer support and guidance groups

Understanding Drug Use and Health Care

Until recently, substance use disorder treatment was not a benefit covered by commercial health insurance. Health insurance and addiction treatments were not an integrated model of care until after the 1980s. When drug rehab centers began accepting some insurance policies, more people began to access quality drug rehabilitation therapy. Before then, treatment facilities operated as service-fee operations accepting mostly cash payments. Thus, limiting access to people struggling with substance abuse from receiving the addiction treatment they required. 

Through Obamacare’s reform to the health care system, insurance companies began to address their internal coverage guidelines. As a result, the major insurance companies changed their mental health and substance abuse coverage, categorizing them as essential health benefits. Additionally, the modifications lifted the denial of healthcare coverage for any preexisting condition, including drug addiction and other mental health illnesses, thereby affording more treatment opportunities.

One of the most notable changes in drug addiction treatment coverage was establishing parity for substance use disorders. Following this, the treatment and costs related to addiction treatment could not be more restrictive than any other medical condition.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options

There isn’t a one-way street to treat drug addiction. Each case is unique as people often struggle with co-occurring disorders and often mix different substances, making treatment more complicated. 

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our treatment programs are one-hundred percent personalized. By blending different comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plans that include behavioral therapies and other structures, we can address every aspect of drug and alcohol addiction.

Our drug treatment programs can include a variety of the following:

Additionally, we pair these programs and treatment plans with various therapies that support ongoing support to help those in recovery maintain long-term sobriety.

Does My Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?

If your insurance comes through your employer, most likely, drug addiction treatment is covered. However, no two insurance policies are alike. The easiest way to discover if your Coventry Health Care of Florida insurance plan includes drug rehab is by reaching out to our treatment center. You can also talk to your HR department representative, who can help you better navigate the benefits package.

To find out if your insurance covers drug and alcohol addiction treatment, contact us today and speak with our admission specialists to verify your coverage. 

The majority of employees are surprised to learn that drug addiction treatment can be covered through their insurance. Not to mention, the flexibility and assistance most companies are willing to offer to help their employees get addiction treatment. Believe it, their priority is your well-being, which is why they offer EAP coverage. 

Get Addiction Treatment Today

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, please know treatment is widely available. Please discuss with your HR department to learn more about their Employee Assistance Programs coverage, employee benefits, and health plan.

Call your insurance brokerage if you don’t feel comfortable talking about this with your company. However, remember EAP conversations are confidential and private, and cannot cost you your employment. Whether it’s through your Coventry Health Care of Florida Coverage or a different outlet, treatment is accessible.

Reach out to Lighthouse Recovery Institute today. Our addiction therapists will analyze your unique needs and build a treatment plan that adapts to your health needs and lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment can help prevent relapse and provide the right strategies for long-term recovery. 

Don’t wait another day; addiction treatment is available and can save your life. Start your journey to recovery today. 

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