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florida recovery centers

Florida Recovery Centers

Drug Rehab Recovery Centers in Florida

Florida Recovery Centers have rapidly become known as the benchmark for treatment models. These treatment models are known as the “Florida Model” of addiction treatment. Though addiction treatment has various models, including residential, the Florida Model, found in Florida Recovery Centers, has become more popular over the last decade. The harsh restrictions of insurance companies, not in my back yard campaigns to keep treatment centers away, and other barriers continue to enrich the Florida Recovery Model’s success.

We want to take a minute to expand upon why Florida Recovery Centers are increasing successful outcomes. There are quite a few things that set us apart from the rest. From our unique programs of personalized treatment to our comprehensive continual aftercare program. We genuinely pride ourselves on putting the patient first.

What Is The Florida Model?

Florida Recovery Centers offer off-site housing instead of on-campus living. Florida treatment centers separate clinical offices and residences in different buildings. The Florida treatment model structure occurs with various intervals, allowing individuals to begin in an intense program and then advance through stages of treatment that become less intense. Thus, allowing them to gradually transition into the community while becoming accustomed to living a life of recovery. The transitional Florida model is distinguished for the continuous progress of patients. Individuals move on to lower levels of treatment only when they have exhibited readiness.

Generally, the Florida Model is known as partial hospitalization addiction treatment. While our treatment program caters to both men and women, we offer acute and long-term treatment options. Our evidenced-based Florida Recovery Center offers a host of proven therapeutic methods of recovery, carefully combined with cutting-edge holistic techniques. Part of the treatment in Florida is providing life-skills development. These skills can range from employment skills to opportunities for exploring the recovery community. We also make sure that our alumni have the ongoing support they need to maintain stability and sobriety.

Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Addiction is an all-encompassing disease, one that affects the mind, body, and soul. Thus, all of these areas are components of the treatment recovery process.

Our treatment programming aims to help the mind heal from the mental devastation of addiction. Patients work alongside our team of licensed therapists to uncover the underlying causes of their addiction. These underlying causes range from mental illness, trauma, to also eating disorders. For patients that struggle with drug addiction and also mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment centers are recommended. Additionally, therapy sessions will make up the majority of each day. Sessions take place in group therapy sessions or individual therapy sessions. Additionally, Florida Recovery Centers should provide family counseling when appropriate.

Addiction And Recovery

Florida Recovery Centers encourage physical rehabilitation just as much as mental and emotional rehabilitation. We advise our patients to participate in regular exercise and also offer informative nutritional counseling. These wellness activities help them make better life choices when eating and preparing food for themselves. We also encourage our patients to participate in outdoor activities teaching them to exercise in creative ways.

Florida Recovery Centers also employ holistic methods of addiction treatment. We offer our patients services, such as yoga, guided meditation, and acupuncture. Additionally, we use cutting-edge neuro-rehabilitative technology in treating addiction and various mental health conditions. Neuro Rehabilitation TherapyNeuroscientists, and the team of Psychologists evaluates and treats addiction and mental health conditions with scientific treatment methods.

Florida Sober Living: Recovery Residences

We strongly believe in the benefits of an extended stay at a sober living housing after completing addiction treatment. Sober living allows for a careful transition back into a fully independent life. Thus, allowing patients to uphold a certain level of accountability that has proven crucial to prolonged sobriety. The Florida Recovery community has several highly reputable sober living facilities. Generally, each patient receives a personalized recommendation upon graduating from our drug rehab center. To learn more about the benefits of sober living or recovery communities click here.

Florida Recovery Centers – Helping Communities‎

It is no question that the first year of sobriety is one of the most tumultuous and uncertain. Addicts, in their first year of recovery, are attempting to find their footing in rehabilitation while adjusting to the emotional and mental reality of drug-free living.

Our Florida Recovery Center offers to those who need it any time of the day. Also providing alumni the opportunity to engage in phone or video-based communication with a trained addiction specialist from anywhere in the world. Many past patients also choose to continue with their one-on-one therapist long after graduating from our treatment center. We at Lighthouse Recovery Institute believe that recovery is an individualized process. Thus, no two programs of addiction recovery are alike. We ensure that every patient has all of the tools they need to maintain success in sobriety.

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