Would You Give Your Child Heroin To Remove A Wisdom Tooth?

Would You Give Your Child Heroin To Remove A Wisdom Tooth?

If You Give Your Child Opiates, They Could Turn to Heroin

These days heroin addiction does not begin in a back alley or in a cheap motel. It starts in a place where we normally go to feel better, the doctor’s office. Over the last several years doctors and dentists have been prescribing oxycodone and other highly addictive opiate based pain medications for minor sports injuries and dental procedures. These young children and teens are becoming addicted and suffer from prescription drug abuse. Once their prescriptions run dry they begin to experience horrible withdrawal symptoms. To get these symptoms to stop they must find an opiate based rug quickly and for that most to heroin.

Provocative Billboards Fight to End Prescription Drug Abuse

Many feel it is the over prescribing of opiates by dentists and doctors that has led to the heroin epidemic effecting so many Americans. In an effort to fight back against the medical professionals reportedly responsible for turning children towards heroin, The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey launched a new advertising campaign called “You Decide Before They Prescribe.” The advertising campaign is aimed at encouraging parents to ask questions about the prescription medication being given to their children. The advertising campaign that was developed to combat prescription drug abuse is one no parent will soon forget.

Would You Give Your Child Heroin for A Broken Arm?

A series of billboards in NY’s time square went up with the giant headline reading…
“Would You Give Your Child Heroin To Remove A Wisdom Tooth?” and “Would You Give Your Child Heroin For A Broken Arm?” The most shocking part about this campaign is that buy now the heroin epidemic has received so much attention that most who see the billboards do not think it is a crazy question to ask. The most troublesome fact surrounding prescription drug abuse is that most people know that the over prescribing by doctors is to blame for the heroin epidemic. The ads put up in Times Square do not serve the purpose of educating the public about how most of toady’s youth become addicted to heroin, but serve as a reminder that will hopefully jar their memory as they sit in the dentist’s office. The jump from the dentists chair to rehab, to the grave is becoming way too frequent.

Will Doctors Learn from The Heroin Billboards?

It has yet to be seen if there will be any back lash from the medical community over the ads that all but say, “Doctors Caused the Heroin Epidemic.” The hope is that they will not fight back against, The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey and instead, stop prescribing opiates on such a large scale. It is not yet known to what extent doctors are still giving out opiates to teen but just last year the director of the CDC noted that more than 40 American die each day from prescription drug abuse, all of the from opiates. Hopefully these billboards will help both doctors and parents get on the same page.

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