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college drug abuse

Study Drugs and Drug Abuse in College

Study Drugs are Common

Experimenting, drinking, and drug abuse in college are well-known pitfalls of the four years that are meant to be spent bettering your education. Kegs, parties, marijuana – these things are normal and often can lead to other things that spiral out of hand. The use of study drugs like Adderall and Ritalin is becoming common at school, because of the increase in energy and not needing to sleep, which students think will help them cram for exams.

Drug Abuse and Misuse

The Center on Young Adult Health and Development describes abuse and misuse of prescription drugs as any use whatsoever by someone who does not have a prescription, or if it is used by someone who has it prescribed that is not consistent with the prescribing physician’s directions. Unfortunately, in college, lots of students with prescriptions for these drugs give them out to students who don’t. Sometimes they charge a few dollars for a pill, and sometimes they just hope it will help them get popular. Sometimes students feel pressure to sell or share their script. Either way, these pills are getting into the wrong hands and can quickly lead to Ritalin abuse.

College is The Perfect Stress Storm

College is a stressful time for young adults. There are so many factors – the cost of education, passing final exams, social and peer pressure, being away from home – that come together and can be overwhelming for a person. According to some doctors, anxiety has beat depression as the number one issue college students face in the nation. This anxiety about final exams can lead students to reach for any support, even if it comes in the form of a pill.

Negative Consequences of Study Drugs

The misuse of any prescription drug is bad and could lead to very serious health consequences. It can lead to addiction, and if the prescriptions are being used while taking alcohol or other drugs, the consequences could be deadly. Students don’t realize how potent these pills are and how they work. They don’t realize that taking them in a way that they aren’t prescribed or taking them with other things can have a slew of horrendous consequences, leading up to death. Universities have begun trying to spread awareness about prescription drug use and abuse. Educating college kids about healthier behaviors that can help reduce stress and increase functionality.

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