What Are Track Marks and Do They Go Away?

What Are Track Marks and Do They Go Away?

Track Marks

Track Marks Are Signs of Intravenous Drug Use

Track marks are scar tissue that follows the path of veins. These marks are caused by chronic intravenous drug use. In most cases the marks appear in the forearms but can appear any place on the body where repeated injections of drugs such as heroin or meth occur. They can be easily identified by their dark pigmentation and bruising. Track marks are a tell tale sign of an individual who is a chronic or habitual drug user. These scars are most commonly found in heroin users but any drug that is routinely injected by an addict can and will cause track marks. Many addicts try to convince family and friends that the marks on their body occurred after first time use but this is not medically possible. All track marks are caused by continued drug use over a significant period of time. If you know someone with these scars on their body you should talk to them about seeking addiction therapy at once.

How Addicts Hide Track Marks

These indicators of intravenous drug addiction are very noticeable and most heroin addicts go to great length to try and hide them. Heroin abusers, in an effort to try and spread out injection sites and limit the extent of the track marks will start shooting heroin in non-conventional places on the body. Alternative injection sites include but are not limited to the groin, neck, hands, feet and toes. Areas that are conventionally covered by clothing and make-up are the places most injections occur. Many addicts will cover their track marks by wearing long sleeves regardless of the weather.

Addiction Therapy, The Only Way to Remove Track Marks.

Individuals who inject drugs into their veins on a consistent and addictive basis will always have track marks until they cease use. Ointments and creams and various wound care techniques can be used with limited success, but the only way to remove these marks is to seek addiction therapy. These unsightly blemishes will go away with time but can and will reappear unless the habit is discontinued on a permanent basis.

Addiction Therapy Works

Track marks are just a symptom of a larger problem. If someone you love has track marks, they are addicted to drugs and the scars are the least of your worries. Infection, clogged arteries, and in extreme cases amputation, can occur. Intravenous drug use is the leading cause of overdose deaths. The best way to end the abuse is to locate an addiction therapy center and speak to an admissions counselor. Last year more people died in the United States from opiate overdoses than car accidents. Addiction is the first disease to ever kill more people than cars. If you notice track marks on your child or loved one do not wait to seek professional support. Getting your loved one into a drug rehab for detox and treatment could save their life. 

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